MW3 has many old and returning features but also has some new additions, such as the Cutthroat game mode.

This mode features a unique 3v3v3 Multiplayer experience, and those who can access the MW3 Beta can get their first playthrough.

Cutthroat will be playable on all of MW3’s 6v6 maps. So, let’s dive into a full explanation of this new arrival to Call of Duty.

What Is Cutthroat in MW3?

Cutthroat is a 3v3v3 single-life mode in MW3, with the three sides aiming to eliminate every player on the two opposing teams or capture the overtime flag. The flag’s location will rotate each round.

The three teams will spawn in a triangular formation rather than the usual spawns of being on direct opposites of the map.

Additionally, you can revive your downed teammates, allowing them to get back into the action. Once downed by an enemy player, you will have 8 seconds to pick up your fallen squad member.

This mode is similar to Gunfight, except players can utilize their own custom loadouts instead of random weapons.

Here is a summary of what to expect in this mode:

  • 3v3v3
  • On all 6v6 maps
  • No respawns
  • You can revive downed teammates
  • Triangular spawns
  • The last team alive wins the round or the team who captures flag
  • If neither of the win conditions is met, team with most HP wins
  • First to 3 points win the match
  • Custom loadouts enabled

How to Win in Cutthroat MW3

To win in MW3 Cutthroat, your team must be the first squad to win three rounds. This can be achieved by being the only team with Operators alive or capturing the flag once overtime begins.

If each team wins two points, a maximum of 7 rounds can be played within this mode.

Tips to Win in Cutthroat

  • Stay near your teammates.
    • By staying near your teammates, in the event that one of you goes down, you might be able to pull a revive off. Additionally, it is always helpful to have two or three of you shooting at an enemy rather than one!
  • Communication
    • Like most single-life modes such as Search & Destroy, communication on where the enemy team are located is important. Make sure to keep an open communication between all members of your team, utilizing the ping system in the game.
  • Focus on Kills
    • The flag only becomes a win condition if Overtime begins, so set your focus on getting kills first. However, in the event your team spawns within metres of the flag, you could set up there and wait for the other teams to move toward it.

At the moment, this mode is currently playable in the MW3 Beta. However, if you do not have access, you must wait until MW3’s launch on November 10, 2023, to experience it.

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