Sledgehammer Games has opened the door for a highly-requested feature to come to MW3 – non-disbanding lobbies!

One of the biggest complaints about modern Call of Duty games is that lobbies disband after every match ends. This is unlike classic COD titles where you could continue loading into matches with the same players – as long as they didn’t leave the lobby.

Disbanding lobbies prevent players from continuing with teammates that they are having fun with, or having an enjoyable rivalry with an enemy across the course of a number of games. Plus, having lobbies disband after every game allows Call of Duty to easily enforce its infamously strict SBMM.

However, there may be a huge change to lobbies in MW3 soon!

Non-Disabanding Lobbies Will Be Tested in MW3

In a recent AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit with Sledgehammer Games, the MW3 developer said it will be testing non-disbanding lobbies in the near future.

If these tests are successful, it could also become a permanent feature in Modern Warfare 3. This would presumably replace the disbanding lobbies the game currently has.

The exact details and date of this test have not been revealed yet. We also don’t know whether this test will be private or public, although we assume that this change to lobbies will be tested behind closed doors first.

Then, if the private tests are successful, it could come to everyone in the Experimental Playlist. This is a mode where all MW3 players can test potential changes to the game.


Even if nothing comes from these upcoming tests with non-disbanding lobbies in MW3, this news is promising. It’s nice to see that Sledgehammer Games is listening to the Call of Duty community and is willing to try changes that fans are asking for.

Stay tuned for more updates about the possible changes to lobbies. Hopefully, there will be more details about this when Sledgehammer reveals more information about the upcoming MW3 Season 1!

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