MW3 is filled with a lot of fan service, including the return of slide canceling, the original MW2 maps, and an updated movement system, but is there anything else on the community’s wishlist?

Modern Warfare 3 has not hit the ground running. Players were left disappointed by a lackluster campaign, and various issues are currently plaguing the game. While the game’s overall feel has been praised, gamers are still pointing out flaws.

So what could Call of Duty do to improve the game, and, more importantly, what does its fanbase want to be added or removed? Let’s dive into the community’s wishlist.

What Does the Community Want?

Here are the main things MW3 players want to see:

  1. SBMM removed
  2. Groot Skin fixed
  3. MWZ matches made longer
  4. MWZ Mercs nerfed

These are the most vocal ideas propping up around social media.

MW3 Soldier running from flames

Removal of Skill-Based Matchmaking

It should be no surprise that this tops the list of the MW3 community’s wishlist. SBMM has been a long-running controversial feature, and many vocal players are against it.

This matchmaking type pairs players up against those with a similar skill level. It makes for sweatier and less casual matches.

Sometimes, gamers will want to boot up a game and eliminate other Operators without real thought behind it. However, with SBMM, most games will be far from casual.

This issue is so big that players think SBMM could kill Modern Warfare 3.

One way Sledgehammer could address these concerns, if they do not want to remove SBMM altogether, is to release a dedicated playlist that does not use these matchmaking parameters.

It could be the perfect middle-ground and a way for gamers to have fun without having to hyperfocus against players on their level.

MW3 Groot Skin Fixed or Removed

The Groot skin, also known as Gaia, is causing chaos in MW3. This skin, released in Warzone Season 6, is tough to see in-game and has been one of the most glaring issues since launch.

This situation is unusual, as paid skins are never a problem during a Call of Duty launch. But thanks to the carry-over feature, tons of players have access to this Operator.

The image below shows how difficult it can be to see this skin in dark areas or grass. If you weren’t looking out for someone and were running frantically around the map, you would likely miss someone lying prone like this.

Groot Skin difficult to see in MW3

The visibility issues are the main problems with the Gaia skin. Infinity Ward has previously made adjustments to increase how visible the skin is in-game. However, problems continue to persist.

We are unsure what changes could be made, but the developers must find a fix as soon as possible, as the Groot skin is ruining games in MW3.

MW2 Gaia Skin

MWZ Matches Made Longer

While not the typical Zombies experience we are used to, MWZ has grown quite a considerable fanbase since launch.

Some players won’t like the change from traditional round-based Zombies, but overall, there has been lots of praise for MWZ.

However, one thing the community believes will further improve the mode is longer matches. They feel that you could extend the duration of games more than the current 45 minutes + 15 minutes overtime.

MW3 Mimic, Mangler and Zombies chasing player

This player believes Zombies fans would love more time to grind.

Meanwhile, TheCurseTTV is loving the mode and wants to play it longer!

There is minimal time to progress from the Low Threat Level to the High Threat Level zone.

Frequently, players reach the red zone of the map with less than 15 minutes remaining on the clock, leaving them with limited time to complete contracts and acquire crucial schematics.

With more time available, grinding will be much more enjoyable as you won’t have to rush during the early stages of matches.

MWZ Mercs Need Nerfing

Another issue Modern Warfare 3 Zombies players face is the Mercs’ strength in the game. AI was a long-running problem in Warzone last year, and now it seems the same is starting in MWZ.

The Mercs are extremely powerful, often popping a full three-plate armor in seconds.

Just look at how quickly this player gets downed while having three armor-equipped plates against only one soldier.

The worst part is the player can’t do much as the AI is protected by its shield. It makes having a three-plate vest and Juggernog an absolute must in the mode.

Even with Juggernog, if there was more than one soldier in this situation, we don’t see how that would help too much.

We suggest that Sledgehammer must reduce the health and damage these Mercenaries deal to players. Or else, we recommend just wholly to steer clear of Merc Camps and Strongholds.

MWZ Zombies Operators and Helicopter

These are the top ideas we have seen for improving the game from the MW3 community. If you have any additional suggestions, please share them with us!

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