To round off the end of the year, Activision is encouraging Call of Duty fans to show off their MW3 stats for all to see with the COD Combat Record.

Despite many taking issue with various aspects of MW3, the game has broken multiple player engagement records since its release in November.

Players have racked up a lot of kills, match wins, and Killstreaks in that time and Activision wants you to brag all about it!

COD Combat Record Twitter title screen

What is the COD Combat Record?

The COD Combat Record is a graphic that showcases a collection of player statistics, created by the official Call of Duty Twitter page. It details a series of specific stats for your entire MW3 playtime across the Multiplayer, MWZ, and Warzone game modes.

The official Call of Duty X/Twitter page put up a post encouraging players to showcase their MW3 statistics so far:

Once you have followed the instructions from the Tweet, you’ll get a reply with a flashy graphic showcasing the following MW3 stats:

MultiplayerMWZWarzone – Battle Royale/Resurgence
K/D RatioSuccessful ExfilsK/D Ratio
Highest KillstreakDeathsHighest Kills/Game
Score/MinTime Played/MinScore/Min

How to Get Your COD Combat Record

To get your own COD Combat Record, you must put up a post on X/Twitter that contains your Activision ID, the #CODCombatRecord hashtag, and a tag to the Call of Duty X/Twitter page.

Then, you’ll get a reply from the official Call of Duty page, with a fancy new graphic showcasing all of your wonderful MW3 stats!

Here’s an example of what the graphic looks like:

MW3 players stats in personalized graphic for COD Combat Record

To get your own, follow these steps:

  1. Head over to the official Call of Duty X/Twitter to see their post about the COD Combat Record for MW3
Official Call of Duty Twitter page for Combat Record
  1. Click “Tweet #CODCombatRecord” at the bottom of the post
Tweet button for Call of Duty Combat Record on Twitter
  1. Paste in your Activision ID just before the #CODCombatRecord hashtag, and the @CallofDuty tag
Posting on twitter for COD Combat Record
  1. You’ll receive a reply from the Call of Duty account within seconds with your personalized COD Combat Record!
    • Here’s what it looks like:

Where to Find Activision ID

The easiest way to find your unique Activision ID number is by heading over to the Basic Info section of your profile page while logged in to the official Call of Duty Website.

Follow these steps to get your Activision ID:

  1. Head over to the official Call of Duty profile login page
    • Log in using your email and password for your Call of Duty account
sign in page for Official Call of Duty website
  1. Logging in with the above link will take you straight to your profile page
    • While here, click Basic Info on the left:
Profile page for official Call of Duty website
  1. Your Activision ID can be found at the bottom of your Personal Information:
Highlighting Activision ID in Basic Info section of profile on Call of Duty Website
  1. Alternatively, you can see your Activision ID in the top right of the screen when on the main site’s homepage:
Highlighting Activision ID n top right of homepage of Call of Duty Website

How to Access Your Combat Record In-Game

You can also access your combat record and check a variety of player stats within the MW3 menus. Here’s how:

  1. Boot up the main Multiplayer menu for MW3
  2. Head into the start menu
    • Press the Options button on PS5, Menu button on Xbox and the ESC key on PC to bring up the start menu on the right of the screen
MW3 multiplayer menu screen, showing top right menu icons
  1. Enter the Stats section
Showing Stats option in MW3 start menu
  1. Select Multiplayer for a list of your current stats!
MW3 Multiplayer Stats Combat Record in-game

Although not as snazzy as the personalized graphic from the Call of Duty X/Twitter account, it’s still handy information if you want to brag about your K/D ratio to all your friends!

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