The reveal of MW3 is drawing near, and details about the game are beginning to emerge, including confirmation of the returning classic Mini Map.

Yet, the resurgence of this Mini Map isn’t the sole feature set to come back. Leaks hint at a substantial alteration to HP mechanics, along with the exciting return of Map Voting.

Classic Mini Map Returning to MW3

Call of Duty has officially announced the return of the classic Mini Map in its promotional campaign for MW3.

During this initiative, gamers have received informative messages called “intel” upon registering for involvement.

By texting the phrase “red dot” to 202-918-3022, engaged players receive a confirming message stating “red dot confirmed.”

Of course, this is about the classic Mini Map, where when players fire an unsuppressed weapon, they would appear as a red dot on the map.

Map Voting Coming Back for MW3 According to Leaks

Map Voting is returning in MW3, according to Call of Duty leaker el_bobberto. The insider hinted at its return by sharing an image of the voting process from Black Ops 2, accompanied by the MW3 hashtag.

Map Voting has undoubtedly gained popularity among fans, allowing players to bypass maps they don’t enjoy. Instead, they can cast their votes for their preferred options.

Currently, the map selection system in MW2 is entirely random, denying players any control over the maps they experience.

Despite the reliable source, we advise taking this information with a grain of salt since no confirmation has been provided by the developers.

MW3 HP to Be Boosted to 150 HP According to Leaks

HP in MW3 Multiplayer is set to be boosted to 150 HP, according to el_bobberto. The reliable leaker revealed this information on his Twitter account.

This 50% increase in HP will likely mitigate the issues with a quick time-to-kill, addressing a significant concern from MW2 players.

150 HP is not new to the Call of Duty universe, with games such as Black Ops Cold War featuring this number of health points.

As this leak is currently unconfirmed, we advise approaching this information with a grain of salt despite its reliable source.

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