There’s nothing worse than encountering cheaters when playing online, and now Call of Duty MW3 cheaters are going fully invisible.

A cheater you can actively see cheating is one thing, but someone that’s impossible to spot is even more annoying.

Unfortunately, it appears that going invisible is just one of the many ways in which Modern Warfare 3 cheaters are able to manipulate the game recently. Now, alongside the likes of aimbots, wallhacks, and more, players have to contend with invisible enemies targeting them too.

Invisible Cheaters Are Ruining Multiplayer

Call of Duty MW3 players are reporting that cheaters are now impossible to see, as they get eliminated by cheaters using invisibility hacks.

In a post to Reddit by user justthatguyLoo, the COD player shares their perspective of an encounter with an enemy using a knife.

We’ve heard complaints about ‘invisible’ MW3 skins, but this is ridiculous.

After failing to spot what exactly they died from, the player watches their KillCam, only to see that the culprit was an enemy right in front of them, wielding a knife!

As for how the enemy player is invisible, it’s very likely that the user is using malicious software to get an in-game advantage. However, there is a new invisibility glitch in MW3 that allows players to become temporarily hidden from sight too.

The Invisibility Glitch

Players have discovered that placing a Deployable Shield down over a ledge and hanging off it, while a friend places a second Deployable Shield below you, will make you completely invisible in MW3.

Hanging off a deployable shield in MW3
Credit: MurderThatBooty

It appears that the game registers you as being underneath the map, which means enemies and allies alike aren’t able to see you.

And the longer you hang from the shield initially, the longer your invisibility will last.

COD Creator MurderThatBooty shows us exactly how the new invisibility glitch works in his video below.

It’s possible that the cheating player in the earlier clip was simply using this exploit rather than external software. However, either way, they’re cheating in the eyes of Activision.

Hopefully, RICOCHET anti-cheat will issue another ban before too long.

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