It seems that a new exploit is letting cheaters use the MW3 Zombies Ray Gun in standard Multiplayer, and it’s ruining online lobbies.

Later in Call of Duty MW3 Season 1, players will be getting to grips with the new Vortex game mode, which gives one participant a Ray Gun capable of one-shotting the competition.

The aim of the mode is to eliminate the Wonder Weapon wielder and take the Ray Gun for yourself. But it seems that Activision’s upcoming game mode has already opened the door for cheaters to take full advantage.

Ray Guns Are Appearing in Standard Multiplayer

Despite the Vortex mode not arriving until Season 1 Reloaded, it appears that Activision has already adjusted settings to class the Ray Gun as a ‘Multiplayer’ weapon.

Because of this, some cheaters (presumably ones using Unlock All tools) are already adding the Ray Gun to their loadouts.

This issue is making its way into Multiplayer lobbies, where MW3 players are finding themselves on the wrong end of a one-shot-kill Wonder Weapon.

Knowing that they’ll be reported for cheating no matter what, it appears that some users are even being less obvious about their use of exploits – destroying lobbies with aimbots at the same time.

Ray Guns were never intended to arrive in standard MW3 Multiplayer and should be limited to Vortex mode only. But unfortunately, there are always a few players looking to ruin the fun.

We’re sure Sledgehammer Games will put a stop to this soon, but for now all players can do is report the cheaters and wait for an update.

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