A cheating method using the reWASD gamepad mapper has been discovered which grants no recoil and aim assist to PC mouse and keyboard users in MW3.

Since MW3’s release, players have complained that controller aim assist is far too strong. Now it seems players have found an exploit that also allows mouse and keyboard users to use aim assist, giving them an unfair advantage.

It has the potential to cause a lot of grief in MW3’s multiplayer modes.

Cheat Allows Mouse & Keyboard Players to Use Aim Assist

Some MW3 players are using the reWASD gamepad mapper to gain the full benefits of controller aim assist for those using a mouse and keyboard. Many view this exploit as a form of cheating.

The reWASD gamepad mapper is a program that allows you to remap and emulate a controller to your mouse and keyboard input for any game of your choice.

Its main use is to increase accessibility options for PC users, though many are using it to cheat in MW3.

reWASD Gamepad Remapping Website

While running reWASD using a mouse and keyboard, it creates a virtual controller to ‘trick’ your PC into thinking you are playing on a controller.

It means that you can get the full benefits of controller aim assist with a mouse and keyboard setup while playing MW3. Essentially, it’s the best of both worlds.

Popular COD YouTuber JackFrags recently talked about this issue in a recent video:

Why Is It Cheating?

Many consider using reWASD in MW3 cheating because it gives players an unfair aim advantage over those who don’t use it.

It will give mouse and keyboard users the following controller aim assist features:

  • Aim assist slowdown
    • This is where your aiming reticule slows down as you approach your target, to make it easier to hit your shots
Aim Assist demonstration MW3
Credit: JackFrags
  • Rotational aim assist
    • Your targets are automatically tracked for you when you are moving
Rotational Aim Assist demonstration MW3
Credit: JackFrags

No Recoil

On top of the aim assist features, you can also use reWASD to implement configurations to completely eliminate recoil.

Essentially, there are settings in reWASD that allow you to tweak your input configurations as a way to ‘script’ your emulated controller input to significantly reduce the amount of recoil in MW3.

Scripting to eliminate recoil has been around for a while:

byu/SuperSquanch93 from discussion

If that’s not cheating, we don’t know what is!

Fans Think It’s Unfair

The reWASD program has already gained quite a bit of attention online. Many MW3 and Warzone fans aren’t happy as they don’t think it’s fair:

The way that matchmaking is set up in MW3 means that it considers your control input when placing you into matches. It will more likely place you in lobbies with the same control input when loading up multiplayer matches.

Therefore, if the game thinks you are using a controller, it will more likely load you into lobbies with other controller users.

Team Gunfight in MW3

The thing is, if you’re using reWASD, you’ll be using a keyboard and mouse. Not only will you have increased accuracy over controller users, but you’ll also get the added benefit of the controller aim assist that the reWASD program provides.

This would give you a serious leg up over the competition.

You can see the difference in recoil and aim accuracy in ItsJustSneaky’s video below. Here he is demonstrating the aim assist of the reWASD program in The Finals:

Will RICOCHET Anti-Cheat Ban Players Who Use reWASD?

Unfortunately, no, it doesn’t seem that Activision’s RICOCHET Anti-Cheat will ban players who use reWASD. No yet anyway.

This is most likely because it is hard to detect as it is running an emulation program to simulate a virtual controller and isn’t using any dedicated cheating software that would be easier to detect.

However, that’s not to say that it won’t be banned in the future with a later update to the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat system.

Ghost standing over downed enemy in MW3 key art

For more on cheating, why not check out this player accidentally joining a cheater’s bot lobby or how people are blatantly hacking in Warzone.

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