Purchasing skins in Call of Duty comes with the risk that they won’t be usable in the next game, but the MW2 and MW3 Carry Forward feature means you can get more bang for your buck!

Gone are the days of leaving skins behind as you transition between titles. The MW2 and MW3 Carry Forward feature creates a seamless pathway for transferring specific items across the games.

However, not everything will carry forward to MW3, so let’s dive in and discuss all the items you will retain in the upcoming CoD.

What Items Will Carry Forward From MW2 to MW3?

In MW3, the following items from MW2 will carry forward:

  • Weapons & Blueprints
  • Operator Skins
  • Emblems
  • Stickers
  • Calling Cards
  • Loading Screens
  • Relevant Vehicle & Equipment Skins

In the Call of Duty blog, the developers confirm War Tracks will not be part of the transfer as they will not be included in MW3.

Additionally, if any vehicle, tactical or lethal equipment, are not in MW3, those skins will not transfer over.

Will Carry Forward Work From Warzone to MW3?

All MW3 content will be integrated into Warzone at the beginning of Modern Warfare 3 Season 1.

All the content listed above will carry over between the Battle Royale and the upcoming CoD title.

Will Every Operator Transfer Over to MW3?

Yes and no. Every Operator will transfer from MW2 to MW3 only if players have them unlocked.

For example, the Valeria Operator, obtainable in the Season 3 Battle Pass, will only be available for gamers who have unlocked the “Base Operator Skin” or another variant of Valeria.

This will apply to all Battle Pass Operators or Operators that require challenges, such as Nova, acquired through the MW2 campaign.

However, if a Store Bundle is released in MW2, players who purchase it will have access in both games but only for the Store Bundle skin and not the base Operator.

Additionally, if a Store Bundle becomes available in MW3 featuring the Operator, access will be limited to MW3 exclusively.

Valeria Operator

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