Call of Duty MW3 will again offer players rewards for playing through the Campaign, as fans seem to always require a little incentive.

One of our favorite parts of a new Call of Duty title dropping is getting to experience a new story mode. After all, the Campaign often looks better visually than any other part of the game, and it gives us some attachment to the characters that appear in later Multiplayer seasons.

But it seems that, for many players, Campaign is just an afterthought – which would explain why only 9.8% of Steam users have the achievement for finishing MW2’s story.

Now, MW3 is aiming to pull in as many players as possible by offering not just early access but Campaign rewards too!

Will MW3 Have Campaign Rewards to Unlock?

Yes, Modern Warfare 3 (AKA MW3) has confirmed Campaign rewards, which players can unlock via the game’s story mode.

Fans will be able to unlock Corso, Pathfinder, Jabber, and Doc – 4 new Operators that will debut in Modern Warfare 3.

MW3 Campaign Rewards & Skins

On top of that, there are four unique Calling Cards and the Brogue Weapon Blueprint up for grabs, as well as 2 and a half hours of Double XP and Double Weapon XP.

Players can begin to play through the MW3 story during Campaign early access on November 2.

MW3 Campaign Reward Calling Cards

Then, as soon as Modern Warfare 3 fully unlocks on November 10, all cosmetics earned will be available and waiting for you in-game.

How to Unlock MW3 Campaign Rewards

MW3 players will get a completion reward after finishing each mission of the story mode.

Here’s a full list of all MW3 Campaign rewards and how to unlock each one:

  • Operation 627 – Breather (Calling Card)
Breather Calling Card
  • Precious Cargo – Double XP & Double Weapon XP Token (30 Minutes)
  • Reactor – Corso (Operator)
  • Payload – Ghillie Guy (Calling Card)
Ghillie Guy MW3 Calling Card
  • Deep Cover – Double XP & Double Weapon XP Token (30 Minutes)
  • Passenger – No Reward
  • Crash Site – Pathfinder (Operator)
  • Flashpoint – Toxic Drip (Calling Card)
Toxic Drip Calling Card MW3
  • Oligarch – Double XP & Double Weapon XP Token (30 Minutes)
  • Highrise – Doc (Operator)
  • Frozen Tundra – Skull Rhapsody (Calling Card)
Skull Rhapsody Calling Card MW3
  • Gora Dam – Double XP & Double Weapon XP Token (1 Hour)
  • Danger Close – Jabber (Operator)
  • Trojan Horse (Weapon Blueprint) & Soap (Emblem)
Brogue Weapon Blueprint and Soapy Emblem in MW3

Modern Warfare 2 had 17 rewards to unlock, one for completing each of the 16 story missions, and another for finishing the entire campaign.

For reference, here’s what MW2 offered players for playing through its story:

MW2 Campaign Rewards

Players React to MW3 Campaign Rewards

So far, it appears that Call of Duty fans are not impressed with MW3’s Campaign rewards, in particular the skins it has on offer.

byu/Guar2 from discussion

It certainly doesn’t help matters that, once again, MW3 doesn’t appear to offer any skins for the more memorable Operators like Task Force 141 or Makarov.

“When I’m playing against a bunch of giant winged demon ladies, fat clowns, and Nicki Minajes I’m certainly never going to notice these super bland default-looking reward skins,” Reddit user Large_Dr_Pepper points out.

The fan makes a good point. Unlike when the prior game launched, MW3 will already have a year’s worth of MW2 Operators and skins in the game, thanks to the new Carry Forward feature.

But whether you choose to use the Campaign rewards or not, free content is free content!

After all, perhaps the biggest incentive to play the MW3 story mode is the fact that it’s available to play a week early, allowing us to get a feel for Modern Warfare 3 well before the Multiplayer launch.

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