According to the Achievement stats on Steam, a staggeringly low 0.2% of players finished the MW3 Campaign since its Early Access launch on November 4.

This isn’t very surprising, especially considering how disappointed the Call of Duty fanbase has been with the Modern Warfare 3 Campaign mode.

However, with a total average length of four hours, you’d expect the completion rate to be a little higher. Below we’re going to go into the MW3 Campaign completion percentages for each platform and the possible reasons why they are so low.

How Many Players Completed MW3?

When looking at the Achievements and Trophies stats across PC, PS5, and Xbox, it’s clear that a very low percentage of total players who had access to Modern Warfare 3’s Campaign did not complete it.

The completion percentages are gathered from the Achievement/Trophy called “Never Bury our Enemies Alive” for MW3.

Here are the Campaign completion percentages for each platform:


An astoundingly low 0.2% of players completed the Campaign for MW3 on Steam. It’s important to note that the stats below reflect all MW2, MW3, and Warzone players:

Steam Never Bury Your Enemies Alive Campign Completion Stats for MW3

All of the above stats for Steam takes into consideration all players who are playing any COD title under the COD HQ launcher.

This means that any who have played MW2, MW3, and Warzone will be taken into consideration when determining the total number of players that completed the MW3 Campaign.


On PS5, only 1.9% of players completed the Modern Warfare 3 Campaign:

PS5 Never Bury Your Enemies Alive Campaign Completion Stats for MW3

Similar to the situation on Steam, the number of players who have finished the MW3 Campaign on PS5 is lower than expected.

This is because it is listed as a DLC for MW2 and so the percentage is taken from people who have played either MW2 or MW3 on PS5:


According to TrueAchievements, Xbox has fared a little better, with 7% of players having completed the Campaign for MW3.

According to the site, 167,157 gamers are tracking their progress for Call of Duty on TrueAchievements. It does not give a complete picture of all Xbox players.

Xbox TrueAchievements Never Bury Your Enemies Alive Campign Completion Stats for MW3

When compared to the completion percentages of PS5 and Steam, Xbox seems to be the most accurate as it doesn’t take into consideration the playerbase for MW2 and Warzone and also does not count MW3 as MW2 DLC.

Either way, all of the above stats still gives an indication of the low completion rate for the Campaign and indicates the COD fanbase’s general disappointment towards it.

Why Aren’t Players Finishing the Campaign?

Players aren’t completing the Campaign for MW3 most likely due to this year’s hugely disappointing single-player offering.

Other than its concise 4-hour length, players have expressed their dissatisfaction with the game’s focus on Open Combat Missions, uninteresting story, and poor use of fan-favorite characters, such as Makarov.

Makarov in MW3 Mission Passenger

It’s led many to believe that the game was meant to be DLC. Some see it as more of a promotion for Warzone than a fully-fledged COD title:

byu/ValiantHero77 from discussion

Many Call of Duty fans believe Modern Warfare 3 to have the worst Campaign in the series’ history:

byu/ValiantHero77 from discussion

The response from the community is so bad, that a huge amount of players have demanded refunds for Modern Warfare 3.

With the poor reception of MW3’s Campaign, all eyes are on the game’s multiplayer coming with its official release on November 10. Hopefully, it’ll fare a lot better.

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