Modern Warfare 2 sets up the return of Makarov with a ‘No Russian’ teaser but does the MW3 Campaign actually feature the controversial mission?

Makarov is back in MW3 and the iconic Modern Warfare villain was actually teased in the end credits of MW2 (2022). After the credits rolled at the end of the game, players were treated to a teaser for MW3, which featured armed terrorists on a plane.

As the teaser comes to an end, one of the armed men receives a text that says ‘No Russian,’ implying that the iconic mission would return in the next game.

No Russian Teaser in MW2 Credits

However, this isn’t actually the case.

Does No Russian Make a Return?

No, there is not a mission on the same level as ‘No Russian’ in the MW3 Campaign, although one mission is a clear reference to the events of MW2 (2009).

Although there is no mission that features Makarov and his men storming an airport and massacring civilians, the MW3 Campaign does reference the events of the level in the mission ‘Passenger.’

In this mission, we see a continuation of MW2’s end credits teaser. The player takes control of Samara Jalal, a former freedom fighter for the Urzikstan Liberation Force.

In Passenger, players are approached by one of Makarov’s men, who pulls a gun on Samara on the plane. Samara is able to take the gun from her assailant but appears to other passengers as if she is the terrorist herself.

As Makarov has taken over the plane, with all air wardens and stewards belonging to his organization, Samara is apprehended. The villain then personally straps a bomb vest to her chest and exits the plane.

Modern Warfare 3 No Russian Mission Passenger

The detonator is thrown into the terrified crowd of passengers and Samara attempts desperately to reach it and disarm the explosive device.

However, she appears to her fellow passengers to be attempting to detonate the device, leading many to attack her and causing the bomb to explode.

Why Did Makarov Strap a Bomb to Samara?

Makarov’s plan is to have Samara, a known member of the Urzikstan Liberation Force, be seen bombing a plane full of Russian civilians. He plans to extract footage from passenger phones and use it to ignite war.

However, Farah, together with Alex, is able to get to the footage first and erase it – preventing the inevitable outrage.

Farah and Alex Arrive at the Plane Crash

Ultimately, Passenger is a dark mission that still offers significant shock value. However, unlike No Russian, the MW3 Campaign mission does not have you intentionally murdering innocent civilians in order to blend in as a double agent.

Although both the premise and the outcome of the attacks are very similar, No Russian does not actually appear in the MW3 Campaign.

And we doubt this mission will live in infamy the same way the original did. For reference, here’s what the actual No Russian level looked like in the MW2 Campaign remaster:

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