Camo challenges have been a huge part of Call of Duty’s endgame grind for years now, but some vocal fans think they are ruining the MW3 experience.

Camo challenges in MW3 are tasks that players need to complete to unlock weapon skins. These challenges ramp up in difficulty as you progress, requiring you to complete certain feats in multiplayer.

It’s meant for those prepared to put in the hard work to get them. For your troubles, you get a variety of flashy and cool-looking weapon skins that you can flaunt to other players in MW3’s multiplayer modes.

However, there are a growing number of COD players who believe that MW3’s camo challenges are actively ruining the game. It has left the community a little divided.

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Camo Challenges Make MW3 Worse

MW3 players are saying that camo challenges are making the game worse as it forces you to play in a way that often isn’t very fun and encourages you to not play the objective in multiplayer. It can hurt team play.

Over on Reddit, UtopiaNation suggests a few ways to improve MW3’s camo challenges in the future:

Their main criticism of the camo challenges system is that it actively discourages teamplay and forces you into a style of gameplay that is usually the “direct opposite of how a gun should be played”.

Many of the camo challenges require you to get mounted, prone, sliding, and point-blank kills, to name a few. As UtopiaNation frustratingly points out, “it’s like the game is wanting us to camp and not go for the objective”.

Instead, they suggest that camo challenges should promote team play by pushing you to focus on playing the objective. They also would prefer if they promoted “the right style of play” for certain weapons.

Collage of various camos in MW3

It seems that many other players agree:

byu/UtopiaNation from discussion

Having camo challenges that encourage players to complete objectives would definitely improve teamplay and go a long way to make MW3 feel more competitive. This player suggests a few neat ideas for challenges that would encourage players to complete objectives:

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Is It Fine as It Is?

Some players don’t agree and think the current camo challenge system is fine as it is. Anything else wouldn’t be a challenge, according to this player:

This Reddit user agrees and is vehemently against “watering” down MW3’s camo challenges by making them easier:

SmokeyDaGr8 argues that camo challenges should encourage different styles of play, as anything otherwise would be “too easy”.

Collage of various individual camos in MW3

Despite the difference in opinion, it’s clear that many MW3 fans would still like to see improvements to camo challenges in the future. Hopefully, Sledgehammer Games can take some of these suggestions on board!

In the meantime, head over to our guides on how to get Penetration Kills and Suppressed Clean Kills in MW3 if you’re still looking to get on the camo grind!

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