With the launch of Modern Warfare 3 edging closer, Call of Duty is now sending out emails to players who participated in the Beta to show them their stats.

However, these stats may not be displaying correctly as several players have reported that the email says they only reached level 29 during the Beta when they actually reached level 30.

Here’s why this may be and whether you will still receive the Tester Operator Skin when the full game launches:

How to Check MW3 Beta Stats

To see your stats from the Modern Warfare 3 Open Beta, log in to the email account linked to your Activision account and you should have received an email from ‘[email protected]’ showing your Beta stats.

The stats shown are as follows:

  • Level Reached (may be displaying incorrectly)
  • Hours Played
  • Matches Played
  • Eliminations
  • Wins

Why Does My MW3 Beta Stats Email Say I Only Reached Level 29?

If your email is saying you only reached level 29 when you were actually level 30 in the MW3 Beta, don’t worry as this seems to just be an error with the email.

Although the email is displaying correctly as level 30 for some players, it seems to display 1 level lower than accurate for most players. For example, a few players have also reported it showing as level 19 when they actually reached level 20.

Redditor ‘Paulie_Dev’ believes this is an array parsing issue causing the emails to display one level less than intended.

Will I Still Receive the Tester Operator Skin Level 30 Reward?

Yes, if you were actually level 30 in the Beta but your email is displaying level 29, you will still receive all rewards at launch from reaching max rank in the MW3 Beta, including the Tester Operator Skin for reaching level 30.

This error also happened last year with the MW2 Beta stats and players still received their rewards.

Update – October 20: Call of Duty has acknowledged the email miscommunication and has confirmed that players will definitely receive all of the rewards they earned in-game.

Here are all of the rewards you get from the MW3 Beta. The rewards you receive at launch on November 10 will be based on whatever level you were in the game, not what the email displays:

  • Appetite: Whet Animated Emblem: Level 2
  • Operation Beta Weapon Charm: Level 7
  • Beta Tester Animated Calling Card: Level 9
  • MWIII Beta Weapon Sticker: Level 11
  • Did The Beta Vinyl: Level 15
  • Beta Ripper Weapon Blueprint: Level 20
  • Beta Proof Weapon Sticker: Level 24
  • Tester Operator Skin: Level 30
MW3 Beta Rewards
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