Will MW3 Beta players be able to carry over their progression to Modern Warfare 3’s full release on November 10? We’ve got the answer.

Call of Duty MW3 is finally in our hands – or at least the Beta is! But how much does your progress in the Multiplayer trial carry over to the full game?

Now that MW3 is borrowing content from MW2, such as your weapon levels, skins, and Operators, fans are curious to see if Beta levels are also making the leap.

Will MW3 Beta Progression Carry Over to Full Release?

No, MW3 progression made in any of the Betas will not carry over to launch day. All players will begin back at level 1, and will need to start unlocking and leveling up their guns once again.

This was confirmed on the Call of Duty MW3 Beta FAQ page, where it states ‘No, experience will not carry over from the Open Beta.’

Like in previous COD Betas, grinding in the Multiplayer trial will not help you on release day.

MW3 Warzone Beta Key Art

However, MW2 did have a number of Beta rewards that players could unlock for the full game when hitting certain milestones.

Right now, Activision has not revealed any Beta rewards that players can earn for MW3. However, if this changes, we’ll update this article.

On top of all that, Carry Forward content, such as MW2 weapon levels and Operators will not be available in the MW3 Beta. All players will be starting fresh, no matter their prior Modern Warfare experience.

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