Hackers and cheaters have found their way onto the MW3 Beta on PS4 and PS5.

Traditionally, hackers have an easier time infiltrating games on the PC and find it more difficult to cheat in the console space.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for the Modern Warfare 3 Beta. There have been numerous reports of cheaters using hacks during PlayStation’s exclusive Early Access and Open Beta for MW3.

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Are There Cheaters in the MW3 Beta on PlayStation?

Yes, there have been reports of cheaters and hackers infiltrating the MW3 Beta on PS4 and PS5. It seems that hackers have figured out a way to cheat in Modern Warfare 3 by possibly using a PS4 devkit console.

Below, you can see how a cheater is using some form of aimbot in the MW3 Beta on PlayStation:

As the Early Access Beta for Modern Warfare 3 is exclusive to PlayStation consoles, many are wondering how it’s even possible in the first place.

Some believe the cheating is due to jailbroken PS4s, but this is unlikely because it needs out-of-date firmware (at least 9.00 or lower) to use. In addition to this, you cannot play a jailbroken PS4 online as it requires you to update a console to the latest firmware to connect to PSN.

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A far more likely reason for the presence of hackers in the MW3 Beta is the use of PS4 devkits. This is because it’s one of the only ways to run cheats on newly released games and still be able to play them online.

This Reddit user explains why they think that a devkit PS4 is the cause of the issue:

byu/DEVlNBOOKER from discussion

However it was achieved, having cheaters appear in Modern Warfare 3 even before its official release on November 10 is not a good sign.

Many players on Reddit have expressed their frustrations with cheating in the MW3 Beta:

byu/canazei300 from discussion

Are the MW3 Beta Hackers Getting Banned?

No, the Modern Warfare 3 Beta hackers aren’t getting banned yet. So far, there is no confirmation or acknowledgment from developers about the hackers in the MW3 Beta.

However, Activision’s dedicated RICHOCHET anti-cheat initiative will likely expand to double down on cheaters in the near future.

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Though it’s not a good sign that cheaters have appeared so early on in Modern Warfare 3’s lifespan, it will give Activision some time to implement some needed changes to weed out these hackers quickly.

Hopefully, Activision and Sledgehammer Games will address this very serious issue and prevent hackers from being able to infiltrate the open Beta weekend for all platforms on October 12.

Be sure to check our MW3 Beta dates for all platforms for more information!

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