MW3 has introduced a brand new way to unlock new weapons, equipment, killstreaks and more – Armory Unlocks. However, this new system has not proved very popular.

One of the most enjoyable things to do in any Call of Duty game is reaching the max rank for the first time and earning the entire arsenal of weapons, perks, equipment, and killstreaks.

In previous Call of Duty games, you unlock everything for your custom classes once you reach the highest rank. However, by the time you reach rank 55 in Modern Warfare 3, there will likely still be plenty more to unlock, thanks to the unpopular Armory Unlocks system.

We’re going to take a deep dive into Armory Unlocks and why players are not happy with this new system.

What Are Armory Unlocks?

Armory Unlocks is a new system that lets players unlock new weapons, equipment, and killstreaks by completing Daily Challenges.

Armory Unlocks become available after reaching rank 25, and there are a total of 58 unlocks from the following categories:

  • Weapons
  • Aftermarket Parts
  • Perks
  • Equipment
  • Field Upgrades
  • Killstreaks

You can select whichever item you wish to unlock in any order you want within the Armory Challenges menu. However, you can only progress one at a time.

While this seems like a great idea on paper, as it lets players unlock what they want in order of priority, the reality isn’t that great. In fact, many Call of Duty fans outright hate the system!

Armory Unlocks Menu MW3

Why Fans Hate Armory Unlocks

There are a number of reasons why Call of Duty players hate the Armory Unlocks system.

Firstly, even if you can unlock new equipment through Armory Unlocks in any order you want, it takes far longer to unlock all of them than in any previous Call of Duty game.

Each day, MW3 gives players 3 Daily Challenges in Multiplayer and 3 in Zombies, with the ability to unlock more bonus challenges for completing all of your Daily Challenges in each mode. However, almost every Armory Unlock requires completing at least 3 Daily Challenges.

Therefore, even if you complete all of your Daily Challenges every day, you’ll likely only be able to complete one Armory Unlock every day. This means it’ll take a whopping 60 days to unlock them all!

The next reason why players are upset by Armory Unlocks is that it forces players to complete Daily Challenges.

Daily Challenges can be frustrating for players as completing them requires changing up play styles or using weapons and equipment they don’t want to.

Plus, some Daily Challenges are impossible to complete for players. Some Daily Challenges require using equipment that can only be unlocked through Armory Unlocks, but how are players supposed to unlock the equipment if they can’t complete the challenges?

Finally, many players are upset that fan-favorite equipment like Semtex and meta weapons like the Rival-9 are locked behind Armory Unlocks.

This means that you have to complete them to keep up with the meta, or to use some basic equipment!

To make matters even worse, lots of the powerful killstreaks, such as the VTOL and Wheelson, require completing a whopping 8 Daily Challenges to unlock!

Killstreak Armory Unlocks MW3

MW3 fans are hoping that Sledgehammer Games changes how Armory Unlocks work in an upcoming update. Even a simple reduction in how many Daily Challenges need to be completed would be great!

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