A recent bug fix for The Ettin Conversion Kit finally allowed players to equip it to the AMR9 in MW3, but fans are disappointed with the attachment’s performance in-game.

After all the effort required to unlock it, and having to wait for a bug fix to actually use it, players are finding out the hard way just how bad The Ettin really is.

Many recognize it as part of a long list of terrible Aftermarket Parts in MW3.

A Terrible Conversion Kit

The JAK Ettin Double Barrel Kit for the AMR9 SMG is far inferior to the base weapon in MW3, leading many to completely disregard the Aftermarket Part.

According to the in-game description, The Ettin adds “two stacked barrels that fire simultaneously”. It should give you “twice as much down-range damage at the cost of some accuracy” when equipped.

JAK Ettin Double Barrel Kit on AMR9 SMG

However, as things currently stand, equipping The Ettin offers no real benefits. The damage values and ranges are exactly the same as the AMR9’s base version, according to TheXclusiveAce’s testing:

What’s more, with The Ettin equipped, it doesn’t seem to fire as described. Rather than firing from two barrels simultaneously, it instead shoots in a short two-round burst. This reduces the rate of fire for the AMR9 and negatively impacts the TTK of the weapon.

The recoil is also significantly worse with The Ettin. It adds yet another reason to completely avoid this Conversion Kit.

Here’s a comparison of the recoil patterns from TheXclusiveAce:

Comparing recoil pattern of base AMR9 and The Ettin kit in MW3
Credit: TheXclusiveAce

With the same damage values, increased recoil, and a reduced rate of fire, The Ettin kit makes the AMR9 worse than its base version in almost every way.

Just Another Bug?

Players think The Ettin is so bad, they are questioning whether or not it’s a bug.

The reason many believe The Ettin to be bugged is because it makes the AMR9 actively worse when you equip the Conversion Kit.

Of course, if it were, it would be separate from the bug that prevented you from equipping The Ettin after unlocking it. That has since been fixed in a patch.

No, this bug would be completely new, if indeed it even is a one at all.

Check this video from TheXclusiveAce to see why he thinks the item is bugged in MW3:

As TheXclusiveAce states, it’s hard to imagine that The Ettin is working as intended as there is not a single upside to using it.

It renders the Aftermarket Part completely useless and is far inferior to the base version of the AMR9 SMG.

Side angle close up of JAK Ettin Double Barrel Kit on AMR9 SMG

Fans Hate Aftermarket Parts

It seems that fans can add the JAK Ettin Double Barrel Kit to a growing list of awful and borderline unusable Aftermarket Parts in MW3.

Terrible Aftermarket Parts seem to be a running theme for Modern Warfare 3 since the game’s launch.

Players feel as though Sledgehammer Games implemented this system as more of an afterthought, due to the extremely disappointing Conversion Kits on offer so far:

byu/FistOfSven from discussion

Sledgehammer Games put a lot of emphasis on the Aftermarket Parts system in MW3’s marketing campaign. It did not live up to the hype.

One COD player even suggests that MW3’s Aftermarket Parts were a “marketing gimmick” and were never properly developed to begin with:

byu/FistOfSven from discussion

It would be surprising if this were the case, though it shows the level of distrust fans now feel towards SHG for continually releasing broken Conversion Kits.

Hopefully, The Ettin kit is just another bug that SHG will fix in a future patch!

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