The Call of Duty MW3 Beta has a number of exciting new guns to try out – here’s what you can get your hands on this weekend!

Modern Warfare 3 is just around the corner, and we’re finally going hands-on with it for the Open Beta.

Here’s the full list of guns that players are able to try out in Modern Warfare 3’s Beta:

MW3 Full Beta Weapon List – All Guns

There are 16 primary weapons and 4 secondary weapons available for players to unlock and use in the Beta. This is likely not the full gun roster coming to the game at launch, but it gives us an idea of what to expect on launch day.

Here’s the list in its entirety:

Assault Rifles

SVA 545

This weapon system fires the first two rounds nearly at the same time, making this an incredibly lethal weapon in careful hands.

SVA 545 in MW3


Boasting an exceptional fire rate for a 5.56 weapon, this close-quarters assault rifle excels at close and mid-range.

MTZ-556 in MW3


This remarkably adaptable assault rifle features phenomenal recoil control and versatility from a lightweight frame chambered in 5.56

MCW in MW3

Battle Rifles


A fully automatic Battle Rifle designed to send hard-hitting 7.62 rounds downrange at high velocity.

MTZ-762 in MW3


A highly controllable and powerful Battle Rifle, chambered in .277 Fury designed for all-round reliability and performance.

BAS-B in MW3



The Rival-9 is a lightweight, 9mm submachine gun built for agility and quick room clearing.

Rival-9 in MW3


A fully automatic submachine gun chambered in 9mm, the AMR9 is a go-to for operatives who prefer to shred the competition from close to mid-range.

Call of Duty players can already unlock a special AMR9 Blueprint for free too!

AMR9 in MW3


A hard-hitting and controllable submachine gun chambered in .45 Auto. Reliable at close to mid-range.

Striker in MW3



A full-auto, .410 shotgun built around an assault rifle receiver, the Riveter in a hole-punching machine.

Riveter in MW3

Lockwood 680

This highly effective and versatile 12-gauge pump shotgun can be modified to excel in most scenarios.

Lockwood 680 in MW3


Holger 26

A highly modular light machine fun that can be adapted to most combat scenarios. Chambered in versatile 5.56 ammunition.

Holger 26 in MW3

Pulemyot 762

Chambered in 7.62, this belt-fed heavy machine gun provides excellent suppressive fire, dealing a massive amount of damage at long ranges.

Pulemyot 762 in MW3

Marksman Rifles

MTZ Interceptor

A high-powered Marksman Rifle chambered in 7.62. Control mid to long distances with this semi-auto weapon.

MTZ Interceptor in MW3

MCW 6.8

Chambered in 6.8, this highly modular Marksman Rifle features exceptional damage and reliability.

MCW 6.8 in MW3

Sniper Rifles


TA lightweight, heavily modified sniper designed for precision shooting and repeat shots thanks to recoil control and magazine capacity.

Longbow in MW3

KV Inhibitor

This semi-auto sniper rifle chambered in .338 offers undeniable recoil control and stability for the discerning operator.

KV Inhibitor in MW3

WSP Stinger

Keep your enemies close with this highly effective, room-clearing SMG with a blazing fire rate.

WSP Stinger


A burst-fire pistol with a staggering fire rate and controllability in the right hands.

Renetti in MW3


Semi-auto ballistic pistol chambered in .45 ACP. Delivers excellent handling and recoil control and overall performance.

COR-45 in MW3


Portable infrared surface-to-air missile with a free-fire option. Self-propelled missiles have a higher speed and moderate explosive yield.

Pila Launcher in MW3
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