MW2 players have found a weapon XP glitch that lets them level up guns almost instantly – here’s how you can do it!

Earning attachments for your guns in MW2 can be a real slog. However, there’s a brand-new Weapon XP glitch that players have been using to save themselves loads of time in unlocking attachments and other guns.

If you want to speed up your weapon leveling, you can’t get any better than using this glitch. Not only is it pretty simple to do but it can fully level up any weapon in the game in just a few minutes!

Follow the steps below and you’ll be earning weapon XP faster than ever!

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MW2 Suppression Mine Glitch Farms Easy XP

To do the Weapon XP glitch in MW2 and level up guns in a matter of seconds, you need to put a Suppression Mine on an enemy APC in the Invasion game mode. Doing this will give you a near-endless supply of XP as long as you stay alive.

  • First, select the Hunter perk package in your Loadout menu
  • Also, select the field upgrade Suppression Mine – this is integral for the weapon XP glitch.
Suppression Mine MW2
  • Load into a game of the Invasion mode.
  • Save your Suppression Mines for the first half of the match. Play as normal, killing as many bots and enemies as possible until the APC light tanks spawn.
  • Once the APCs spawn, you need to throw a Suppression Mine on top of a piloted enemy APC.
    • You should have two Suppression Mines by now, thanks to the Overclock Perk.
    • Try to throw the Suppression Mine on the open gunner hatch on top of the APC. It will only stay on the vehicle in this spot.
Suppression Mine Weapon XP Glitch MW2
YouTube: Cracking Bananas
  • Putting a Suppression Mine in the open hatch of an enemy APC will give you loads of Weapon XP every second for suppressing enemies and will level up your guns way faster than any other method!
  • Now, all you need to do is hide and stay alive while the weapon XP continues to stack up.
You can do this Weapon XP farming method at your own risk. Hopefully, Infinity Ward will patch this glitch, so it is a leveled playing field for all players trying to earn XP. This article is to spread awareness of the glitch so Infinity Ward is aware and can fix it.

Of course, you’ll want to level up the most powerful weapons first. And there’s no better place to start than by entering the attachments for the best assault rifle loadout in MW2!

In addition to giving players loads of weapon XP, this is a great way to unlock camos through leveling. Here’s how to unlock all of the mastery camos in MW2!

Make sure to do this Weapon XP glitch while you can. It is very likely that MW2 developer Infinity Ward will patch this out of the game very soon!

YouTube: Cracking Bananas

Also, once you max out the level on any of your guns, you’ll be able to use the powerful new weapon tuning system!

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