The Whisker Tango bundle in MW2 and Warzone contains some of the most bizarre Operators in Call of Duty history. Purchasing this pack will give players the opportunity to run around as cats.

Yes, you read that correctly. Picture yourself as a feline warrior, stealthily navigating the virtual battleground, ready to pounce on unsuspecting opponents.

But as with any bundle in the Call of Duty universe, this extraordinary experience comes during Season 4 Reloaded at a price, requiring a handful of COD Points.

Whisker Tango Bundle Release Date in MW2 & Warzone

The Whisker Tango bundle has no confirmed release date, but it is expected to become available between July 12, 2023 to August 1, 2023 during Season 4 Reloaded.

We know it will arrive between these dates as it has been featured in the latest MW2 and Warzone blog post as a highlighted bundle, confirming its release within this season.

whisker tango mw2

Whisker Tango Bundle Price in MW2 & Warzone

The Whisker Tango bundle in MW2 & Warzone will be available to purchase for 2,400 COD Points.

If you don’t have any points saved up, 2,400 COD points will cost you:

  • €19.99
  • $19.99
  • £16.79

When this bundle releases, you will be able to locate it in the Featured section of the in-game store.

Featured area in MW2 store for Whisker Tango
The featured section in the store.

MW2 & Warzone Whisker Tango Bundle Contents

The Whisker Tango bundle in MW2 and Warzone will contain the following items:

  • Two new Operator Skins:
    1. Sgt. Pspsps
    2. Sgt. Sprinkles
  • Free Self-Revive for DMZ
  • Additional Operator Slot for DMZ
  • Two Weapon Blueprints:
    1. “Cat Scratch” Assault Rifle
    2. “Pouncer” SMG
  • New Vehicle Skin
  • A Fishbone Weapon Charm
  • A Vinyl
  • Five Stickers
  • An Emblem

Once the bundle has been officially released, we will update this article with the images and names of all the items.

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