The Haunting is returning to MW2 & Warzone, and here is when you can expect this Halloween-themed event to start.

Despite Season 6 featuring a ton of themed cosmetics for this event, most of the content is yet to arrive.

So, let’s dive into the start date and all the content players can expect to see for this year’s The Haunting.

MW2 & Warzone: The Haunting Start Date

The Haunting in MW2 & Warzone will start on October 17, 2023. The developers confirmed this start date in its Season 6 Roadmap blog.

As with all Call of Duty updates, this will go live at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM BST.

  • Season 6 Reloaded will begin in:

Upcoming The Haunting Content in MW2 & Warzone

Players can expect the following content to arrive as part of The Haunting event in MW2 & Warzone:

Operation Nightmare

A limited-time mode where players will be tasked to take out hostile “entities” and “Most Wanted” targets at specific locations.

Additionally, rewards will be offered, including a Mastery Weapon Blueprint and much more.

The Haunting Operation Nightmare

Vondead & Vondead Lockdown

A zombie outbreak has taken over Vondel in this LTM. Players will battle against the undead as the Dutch location plunges into darkness.

Defeat “The Butcher” to reap the rewards on offer. There may even be more found throughout the map.

Vondead will also be available as a Lockdown LTM. However, there will be no zombies, and you will instead play in the night-time variant of this map.

The Haunting Vondead

Zombie Royale

This highly popular mode is returning as zombies meet battle royale. Players must take on undead and enemy operators to secure the win.

This mode will be available on both Al Mazrah and Vondel. Instead of being sent to the Gulag, dead operators will become zombified with many supernatural abilities.

Collect the special syringes to return to normal form.

The Haunting Zombie Royale

The Haunting Map Reskins

As part of this event, two Multiplayer maps will get a reskin to fit the theme.

  • El Asilo
    • This map features decorations to celebrate Día de Muertos.
  • Embassy
    • A zombie attack has left the Embassy in ruins, leaving structures destroyed. Multiple SOS signs hang throughout the map, but the distress signals were too late.

Updates to Classic MP Modes

The classic MP modes are getting a new twist in The Haunting update. Some are strictly cosmetic, but others may give you a scare!

  • Domination
    • The flags will now be Scarecrows.
  • Kill Confirmed
    • Collect Skulls instead of Dog Tags.
  • Drop Zone
    • Some Care Packages will be jump scares.
  • Infected
    • Infected players will become zombies.

The Haunting Soul Capture Event

Similar to the Trophy Hunting event, kill enemy players and collect their souls, which can be traded for a ton of rewards in the event tab.

When collected, these souls will be automatically added to your tally, and unlocking enough rewards will provide you with extra themed items.

Daily Login Rewards

Earn free limited-time cosmetics and items when logging in every day throughout The Haunting event.

This could include Blueprints, calling cards, emblems, and much more.

The Haunting New Equipment & Items

There are three new items and equipment coming during The Haunting event:

  • Haunted Box
    • Loot box that can be dropped from zombies, providing players with armor and ammunition. Be careful, as this box can hurt you.
  • Bloodseeker Grenade
    • This grenade, shaped like a bat, will latch onto enemies and highlight them in thermal vision. Does not work for those underwater.
  • Jump Scares
    • All loot crates have the chance to contain a jump scare.

On top of the new content, current items will be getting an update, too. Being located in a Suppression Mines radius will set off an audio of screams of the dead.

Meanwhile, Decoy Grenades will contain audio of zombies and other inhuman creatures alongside the gunfire.

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