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How to Get Colorful Bullets in MW2 & Warzone 2 (All Tracer Rounds)

To get colorful bullets (Tracer Rounds) in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, you need to purchase one of the 11 Tracer Packs available from the COD Store. These Tracer Packs contain weapon blueprints that use different colored bullets and death effects.

These Tracer Packs aren’t always available. They rotate in and out of the store. Unfortunately, purchasing them from the store is the only way to get Tracer Rounds.

There are currently six Tracer Packs available to purchase in the COD Store:

  • Dark Rituals (Red) – Featured Tab
  • Red Fox (Orange) – Most Popular Tab
  • Ballistic Love (Pink) – Most Popular Tab
  • Damascus Forge 2 (Purple) – Trending Tab
  • Purple Jolt (Purple) – Operators & Identity Tab
  • Shinobi (Blue) – Operators & Identity Tab

What Are Tracer Rounds in Call of Duty?

Tracer Rounds in MW2 and Warzone 2 are colored bullets that players can obtain with specific bundles that provide added effects when shooting.

Usually, these effects include a colored stream as the bullet moves and a death effect when earning eliminations. They are tied to the weapon blueprint you purchased and can not be transferred to other weapons, even if it’s the same weapon as the blueprint.

For example, Tracer Pack: Dark Rituals has an RPK blueprint with red Tracer Rounds. Despite having this weapon blueprint, players can not apply the Tracer Rounds to other blueprints of the RPK.

Warzone 2 MW2 Tracer Rounds

To equip a Tracer Round, you’ll need to equip the weapon blueprint it is a part of when customizing your loadout.

  • You’ll see a bullet image above the blueprint name if your weapon has a Tracer Round.
Tracer Round Blueprint

All Tracer Bullets in MW2 & Warzone 2 – How to Unlock Them

Tracer/Bullet ColorTracer Effect Death EffectsTracer Pack Bundle
RedRitual SymbolDark RitualDark Rituals Bundle
PurpleN/AN/ADamascus Forge 2 Bundle
PurpleShockShocking PurplePurple Jolt Pack Bundle
Purple SparklerSparklerN/ANew Years Bundle
Gold SparklerSparklerNew Year DismembermentNew Years Bundle
BlueN/AN/AMessi Operator Bundle
BlueShinyBlade SlashShinobi Bundle
OrangeN/AN/APogba Operator Bundle
OrangeN/ARed Fox AnimeRed Fox Bundle
OrangeN/ACoal DismembermentKlaus Operator Bundle
Lime GreenN/AN/ANeymar JR Operator Bundle
PinkHeartsLove Potion/HeartbreakerBallistic Love Bundle
SnowN/AConfetti DismembermentKlaus Operator Bundle

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All Tracer Pack Bundles in MW2 & Warzone 2

Tracer Pack: Damascus Forge 2

Damascus Forge 2 Tracer Pack

The Damascus Forge 2 Bundles include two purple Tracer Blueprints featuring the Chimera and P890.

  • Price – 1,600 CP
  • Items Included:
    • Superheat Chimera Blueprint (Purple Tracer Rounds)
    • Molten Steel P890 Blueprint (Purple Tracer Rounds)
    • Torched Steel Vehicle Skin
    • Damascus Forge Weapon Charm
    • Damascus Knight Large Decal
    • Dam Helm Weapon Sticker
    • Angry Forge Emblem

Tracer Pack: Klaus

Klaus Tracer Pack

The Klaus Tracer Pack features two Tracer blueprints with the Coal Dismemberment death effect.

  • Price – 2,400 CP
  • Items Included:
    • Klaus Operator
    • Naughty M13B Blueprint (Orange Tracer Rounds)
    • Nice Victus XMR Blueprint (Snow Tracer Rounds)
    • Suplex Deluxe Finishing Move
    • The Sleigh UTV Skin
    • Klaus Weapon Charm
    • Merry Xmas Weapon Sticker
    • Ho-Ho-Ho Weapon Sticker
    • Naughty Weapon Emblem

Tracer Pack: New Years

New Years Tracer Pack

The New Years Tracer Pack features two Sparkler Tracer Blueprints and some New Year’s cosmetics to ring in the year.

  • Price – 1,800 CP
  • Items Included:
    • Countdown Lachman-556 Blueprint (Gold Sparkler Tracer Rounds)
    • Party Popper .50 GS Blueprint (Purple Sparkler Tracer Rounds)
    • 2023 Weapon Charm
    • New Year’s Eve 2023 Weapon Sticker
    • 2023 New Year Emblem

Tracer Pack: Shinobi

Shinobi Tracer Pack

The Shinobi Tracer Pack features two shiny blue Tracer Blueprints with the Blade Slash death effect.

  • Price – 2,400 CP
  • Items Included:
    • Chuy Shadow Merc Operator Skin
    • Smooth Cuts Finishing Move
    • Dark Chapter BAS-P Blueprint (Blue Tracer Rounds)
    • Muted Moments X12 Blueprint (Blue Tracer Rounds)
    • Fatal Fidget Weapon Charm
    • Feudal Merc Weapon Sticker
    • Attention Loading Screen

Tracer Pack: Red Fox

Red Fox Tracer Pack

The Red Fox Bundle includes two orange Tracer Blueprints with anime effects and a Red Fox Anime death effect.

  • Price – 2,400 CP
  • Items Included:
    • Hutch Foxy Operator Skin
    • Vulpes TAQ-V Blueprint (Orange Tracer Rounds)
    • Hungry Fox Signal 50 Blueprints (Orange Tracer Rounds)
    • Captain Kit Kit Weapon Charm
    • No Fox Given Loading Screen
    • Feeding Fox Emblem

Tracer Pack: Ballistic Love

Ballistic Love Tracer Pack

The Ballistic Love Tracer Pack is Valentine’s Day themed and features two Tracer Blueprints.

  • Price – 2,400 CP
  • Items Included:
    • Reyes Snack Operator Skin
    • Lovemaker Crossbow Blueprint (Pink Tracer Rounds)
    • Heartbreaker MX9 Blueprint (Pink Tracer Rounds)
    • Roses and Riptides Vehicle Skin
    • Crush Weapon Charm
    • Cupid Weapon Charm
    • Cupid’s Upgrade Weapon Sticker
    • Lovers and Fighters Loading Screen
    • B Mine Emblem

Tracer Pack: Dark Rituals

Dark Rituals Tracer Pack

The Dark Rituals Bundle includes two red Tracer Blueprints with custom laser effects and a Dark Ritual death effect.

  • Price – 2,400 CP
  • Items Included:
    • Macabre RPK Blueprint (Red Tracer Rounds)
    • Dread Rites Minibak Blueprint (Red Tracer Rounds)
    • Horangi Invoker Operator Skin
    • The Ritual Begins Weapon Charm
    • Devil’s Gateway Large Decal
    • Gray Scale Heli Loading Screen
    • Beneath the Mask Emblem

Tracer Pack: Purple Jolt

Tracer Pack Purple Jolt

The Tracer Pack: Purple Jolt bundle features two electrifying Tracer Blueprints and a Shocking Purple death effect.

  • Price – 2,400 CP
  • Items Included:
    • Calisto Violent in Violet Operator Skin
    • Heliotrope M4 Blueprint (Purple Tracer Rounds)
    • Eminence RPK Blueprint (Purple Tracer Rounds)
    • Smack Attack Finishing Move
    • Grape Minds LTV Skin
    • Bolt Shock Charm
    • Purple Voltage Emblem

Messi, Pogba & Neymar Bundles


Despite not being Tracer Packs, the Messi, Pogba, and Neymar JR Operator Skins featured one Tracer blueprint each in their bundles. Each bundle costs 2,400 CP.

Those weapons included:

  • Blue Thunder FSS Hurricane Blueprint (Blue Tracer Rounds) – Messi
  • Atomic Flea Vaznev-9K Blueprint (Blue Tracer Rounds) – Messi
  • The Feared BAS-P Blueprint (Lime Green Tracer Rounds) – Neymar JR
  • Longball SQ-14 Blueprint (Lime Green Tracer Rounds) – Neymar JR
  • Series A Fennec 45 Blueprint (Orange Tracer Rounds) – Pogba
  • Counter Attack HCR 56 Blueprint (Orange Tracer Rounds) – Pogba

Tracer Rounds FAQ

What Are Different Colored Bullets in COD?

The colored bullets that players see in COD are referred to as Tracers. These Tracer Rounds give bullets a colored effect and sometimes a unique death animation. The different colored bullets available in MW2 and Warzone 2 are as follows: Red, Purple, Gold, Blue, Orange, Lime Green, Pink, and Snow.

The only way to obtain them is by purchasing one of the many Tracer Pack Bundles in the COD Store.

Do Tracer Rounds Do More Damage? Are They Weaker?

No, Tracer Rounds do not do more damage, nor are they weaker. They are simply a premium cosmetic effect added to weapons in MW2 and Warzone 2.

They do not affect the damage stats of any of the weapons whatsoever. Tracer Rounds are easy to distinguish on the battlefield, making players more noticeable.

Can You Equip Tracer Rounds On Any Gun?

No, Tracer Rounds are tied to the Weapon Blueprint that players purchased them with. There is no way to manually edit the tracer rounds on any weapons in MW2 and Warzone 2.

This makes these colored bullets a premium cosmetic that can only be obtained by purchasing Tracer Pack Bundles.

How Do You Get Confetti Bullets in MW2 & Warzone 2?

The only way to get the confetti bullet effect is by purchasing the Tracer Pack: New Years, and equipping the Countdown Lachman-556 Blueprint.

This blueprint contains an Underbarrel Grenade Launcher that shoots out confetti when you use it. If you switch out this attachment, you can’t use the confetti launcher.

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