We have the early patch notes to share as the MW2 and Warzone 2 Season 4 release date grows closer.

Here is a complete roundup of all the content that will land in the fourth season of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.


Vondel, a new Warzone map, will be arriving in Season 4. This map is located in the Netherlands and will feature 72 players in the Resurgence game mode.

Season 4  Vondel

Battle Royale – Season 4 Reloaded

Vondel will contain this mode for regular Battle Royale fans in the Season 4 Reloaded update. For now, players must enjoy this new map in the Resurgence format.

Additionally, a brand new sub-terranean Gulag will release for this map. This is hidden under the medieval parts of the town.

Season 4 Gulag
Vondel Gulag for Season 4 Reloaded

Dynamic Resurgence Timers

If one or more squad members disconnect, this feature automatically adjusts the timers for the squad. Once those squad members rejoin, the Resurgence timers return to their original countdowns.

Vengeance Icons

It’s an excellent time to reassess your tactical skills when you get eliminated during a Warzone match.

Instead of getting frustrated, focus on seeking retribution. The Vengeance Icon provides information on where the enemy who eliminated your teammates has moved.

In Season 04, all Resurgence matches incorporate a new core mechanic: an icon indicating the opponent’s directly responsible for your squadmate’s elimination.

Please note that the icon only shows the general directions, not the exact location.

Season 4 Vengeance Icon

High Stakes – In-Game Event

Alongside the existing Public Events in Battle Royale and Resurgence matches, Season 4’s Vondel introduces a new Public Event called High Stakes.

When the High Stakes event begins, multiple crates, similar in size to Loadouts, will descend from the sky. Securing these crates grants Double Weapon and Player XP for the entire match duration.

If you’re curious whether this bonus stacks with Double XP Toyou’rer Double XP Events, the answer is yes!

Operators who already have Double XP active through tokens or events will receive an extraordinary boost of QUADRUPLE XP if they or a squadmate successfully secure the High Stakes package. This presents an exciting opportunity for accelerated progression and rewards during the match.

Season 4 High Stakes

Assault on Vondel Event

The Assault on Vondel Launch Event is scheduled to commence on the day Season 04 is released (June 14) and will run until July 7.

During this event, you can participate by completing challenges, earning medals for personal unlock rewards, and contributing to the overall community medal count.

As the community collectively earns a predetermined number of medals, various exciting features will become unlocked for all Operators.

These features include the addition of Taxi Boats & Tramways, the Reinforcement Flare Field Upgrade, the Favorite Supply Box, and the introduction of the powerful Tonfa melee weapon.

By engaging in the event and achieving milestones, you’ll earn rewards for yourself but also contribyou’ll the shared progress of the community.

Season 4 Assault on Vondel Event

Favorite Supply Box

Previously known as the “Personal Supply Box” in the original Call of Duty®: Warzo” e, the Favorite Sup” ly Box has a name change but retains its functionality. This rare container, once opened, grants access to your preferred weaponry, enabling you to gather and utilize them swiftly.

The contents of each Operator’s Favorite Supply Box will vary. It draws the PriOperator’secondary Weapons from the designated Favorite Loadout of your choice.

Additionally, it provides ammunition and an Armor Plate. To select a Favorite Loadout, navigate to the Weapons section of the Warzone menu before starting your match.

Hover over a Custom Loadout and choose “Set to Favorite.” You will know it has been successfully set when an s “ar icon appears next to the Loadout. By default, your first Custom Loadout serves as your Favorite Loadout.

Season 4 Favorite Supply Box

Reinforcement Flare

The Reinforcement Flare is a Field Upgrade with the potential to significantly impact Battle Royale matches by reinforcing your squad through squadmate redeployment.

Obtained by purchasing it at a Buy Station or discovering it while scavenging, the Reinforcement Flare can be deployed to signal the return of a randomly chosen squadmate.

It functions similarly to a “Buy Station Redeployment.” However, it lacks the ability “o select the specific sq” ad member to be revived.

This Field Upgrade presents a high-risk, high-reward option, as deploying the signal flare exposes you to potential adversaries who may be attracted to the fit.

Soldiers on Streets of Vondel

Taxicabs on Vondel Canals

Similar to Al Mazrah, Vondel also features a train station. However, due to the destroyed tracks and the extensive canal network, alternative means of transportation are necessary for navigating the city independently.

Introducing the Taxicab, an autonomous boat that can be accessed as part of the Assault on Vondel Event. Once Stage I of the Assault on Vondel is completed, these self-piloted boats will be deployed.

They follow predetermined routes along the canals, allowing Operators to travel throughout the city conveniently.

Amid active firefights, Operators can “speed up” the Taxicabs to ensure a quicker transit if the “default “leisurely pace is not ideal.

Vondel Taxicabs


Centralized Hub

In Season 04, DMZ will introduce a centralized hub called the Forward Operating Base (FOB). This serves as a hub for all communications and Operator upgrades.

This new menu system enables Operators to accomplish objectives to unlock various upgrades that can be utilized throughout DMZ. These upgrades are categorized into four different types:

  1. Stash: Increases the size of your wallet and stash.
  2. Weapons Locker: Provides access to insured and contraband armaments and upgrades.
  3. Bounty Board: Offers Exfil options, bartering recipes, and discounts at Buy Stations.
  4. Communications Station: Grants access to Urgent Missions.

All Operator Upgrades obtained through the Forward Operating Base are passive, meaning they do not require manual equipping. They enhance your progress across all aspects of DMZ efficiently.

DMZ Central Hub

Urgent Missions, Reputation With Factions, Wallet

Within the Forward Operating Base (FOB), players will have the opportunity to unlock Urgent Missions, which are a new type of Faction-requested tasks. These missions are typically shorter, offering a quicker way to accomplish objectives and earn Faction Reputation.

By completing Urgent Missions, players can unlock additional Story Missions, providing even more significance to Faction Missions.

Notably, completing Urgent Missions will contribute to tracked Reputation with individual Factions. Along with your objectives, this progress is displayed within the Forward Operating Base.

As you gain Reputation, you can unlock insured slots and expand elements such as the Contraband Stash, Key Stash, and Wallet Capacity.

Additionally, you will have access to an out-of-game Wallet, where you can store the Cash extracted from each match.

This Wallet feature offers flexibility, as you can re-enter matches with a substantial amount of Cash, making it easier to complete objectives that require large sums of money. Alternatively, you can indulge in a spending spree with your Operator.

Season 4 DMZ Ghillies

Dynamic Fog

Due to its unique geographical features, Vondel, situated on canals and technically below sea level, is susceptible to fog under specific inclement weather conditions.

Initial information indicates that fog may be present during DMZ infiltration and infrequent occurrences in other game modes.

Season 4 Dynamic Fog

New Vehicle

TAV – Tactical Amphibious Vehicle

Designed to navigate land and water, this new versatile four-passenger vehicle is an ideal choice for traversing the streets and canals of Vondel in Season 4.

With its amphibious capabilities, the TAV may not be the fastest vehicle on land or sea individually. Still, it excels as a jack-of-all-trades for cruising through the unique terrain of Vondel.

Transition seamlessly from driving on the road to gliding on the water by simply taking the TAV off the road and onto the water’s surface.

Season 4 TAV

Al Mazrah Map Changes

The sandstorm in Al Mazrah finally subsided, but the damage has already been done. In Al Mazrah City, you will now find the addition of multiple sand banks that provide unique opportunities to explore and approach the city’s prominent buildings in creative ways.

Notably, the city has a massive dune leading up the side of the TV tower, the Embassy, and the “Highrise” building.

Season 4 Sand

New Game Modes

Lockdown LTM

A new game mode in Call of Duty: Warzone, drawing inspiration from the popular Hardpoint mode in Multiplayer.

Unlike the traditional Battle Royale format, where the objective is to be the last squad standing, Lockdown focuses on capturing and defending zones scattered across the map, utilizing multiple Quads.

Lockdown offers an extended gameplay experience, lasting approximately twice as long as a standard Hardpoint match

Lockdown mode

12v12 Search & Destroy and Prisoner Rescue

A new option for a bigger and more extensive Search and Destroy or Prisoner Rescue playlist will exist. These single-life modes will still have the same rules. However, there will be more players.

New Warzone & MW2 Ranked Play Season & Rewards

Season 04 of Modern Warfare II and Warzone introduces an exciting new Ranked Season, marking the first-ever complete Ranked Season for Warzone!

Players will have the chance to earn the following rewards in Warzone and MW2:

Multiplayer Ranked Play Rewards

  • 5 Wins: ‘Season 04 Competitor’ Weapon Sticker
  • 10 Wins: Pro Re-Issue Vaznev-9k Weapon Blueprint
  • 25 Wins: ‘Please Rotate’ Weapon Charm
  • 50 Wins: ‘Lock it Down’ Large Weapon Decal
  • 75 Wins: ‘MWII Ranked Play Season 04’ Loading Screen
  • 100 Wins: ‘MWII Season 04 Ranked Veteran’ Weapon Camo

Battle Royale Ranked Play Rewards

Placement Challenges

  • Finish ‘Top 15’ 25 Times: ‘Cash Out’ Large Decal
  • Finish ‘Top 5’ 25 Times: Pro Issue Lachman Sub Blueprint
  • Finish 1st Place: ‘Team Wipe’ Weapon Charm

Kill & Assist Challenges

  • Get 25 Kills or Assists: ‘WZ Season 04 Competitor’ Sticker
  • Get 250 Kills or Assists: ‘WZ Ranked Play Season 04’ Loading Screen
  • Get 1000 Kills or Assists: ‘WZ Season 04 Ranked Veteran’ Camo
Warzone 2 Ranked play new Season coming in Season 4

More Prestige Levels

Up’n the launch of SeasVeteran’he Prestige Rank cap will be raised from 13 to 17, accompanied by an increased maximum level cap of 850.

A unique icon alongside the numerical designation will distinguish each of the four new Prestige Ranks and their corresponding 200 levels. The details for each Prestige Rank and their associated level requirements are as follows:

  • Prestige 14: Unlocked at Level 700.
  • Prestige 15: Unlocked at Level 750.
  • Prestige 16: Unlocked at Level 800.
  • Prestige 17: Unlocked at Level 850,

Seven New Maps

Showdown – Core Map

Originating from the renowned title Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare®, this map finds its Place within the Ahkdar Village region of Al Mazrah, offering a nostalgic experience for fans of the franchise.

As Season 04 unfolds, this iconic map enters Modern Warfare II, captivating players with its familiar layout and memorable gameplay moments.

Showdown map

Kunstenaar District – Core Map

Situated on the western side of Vondel, adjacent to the Museum, lies the enchanting Kunstenaar District, aptly named for its vibrant celebration of the arts.

]This lively neighborhood boasts a picturesque row of townhouses, charming boutique shops, a bustling central plaza, and a beautiful canal that invites residents and visitors alike to take a refreshing swim.

Kunstenaar District

Mercado – Gunfight Map

Within the confines of Las Almas, a designated section known as the Mercado awaits those seeking intense Gunfights and Face Off battles. This expansive, covered structure has been specially cleared out to provide an exhilarating combat arena.


Penthouse – Gunfight Map

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Chicago, The Penthouse showcases a luxurious oasis complete with a sleek lap pool, an inviting outdoor fire pit, and a stylishly designed modern interior.


Mawizeh Marshlands – Battle Map

This Battle Map is taken from the Al Mazrah POI of the same name. Players will battle around the River Diamond Luxury Resort, which has been heavily destroyed.

Mawizeh Marshlands

Akhdar Village – Battle Map

Akhdar Village is another map making its way from Al Mazrah. This larger-scaled map will also feature Showdown within it.

Akhdar Village

Vondel Waterfront – Core Map – Mid-Season

This map will feature the floating houses of Vondel on the waterfront. More information will arrive in Mid-Season.

Vondel Waterfront

Four New Weapons

Tempus Razorback – Assault Rifle – Battle Pass

The Tempus Razorback is a brand-new assault rifle available for free in the Battle Pass. Players can unlock it in the D13 sector.

This weapon has a sleek bullpup design and incorporates state-of-the-art frame-vibration control technology, guaranteeing a seamless and manageable full-auto experience with its 5.56 caliber.

Tempus Razorback

ISO 45 – SMG – Battle Pass

ISO 45 is an SMG variant of the ISO Hemlock. It is free in the Season 4 Battle Pass in sector D19.

This SMG gets inspiration from its predecessor in Modern Warfare (2019). The ISO 45 pays homage to the classic ISO weapon while retaining its distinctive characteristics.

Renowned for its lightweight construction and a commendable rate of fire suitable for close to medium-range encounters, this firearm embodies familiarity and reliability.

ISO 45

Tonfa – Melee – Attack on Vondel Event

The Tonfa is a new melee weapon unlocked through the Attack on Vondel event. This is the last reward for the event.

It is a wooden baton boasting a distinctive design with its handle positioned approximately one-third down its length.

The Tonfa, when dual-wielded, emerges as a defensive asset, although blocking mechanics are not available in Call of Duty. Nevertheless, it is potent for unleashing devastating strikes upon your adversaries.


Unknown Shotgun Arriving Mid-Season

Additionally, an unknown shotgun will be arriving in Season 4 Reloaded. This weapon will likely be the Tavor TS12, as this is the only unreleased shotgun in the game files.

Five New Operators

Nikto – Battle Pass

Introduced in the immersive world of Modern Warfare (2019), the enigmatic former FSB deep-cover agent appeared initially, veiling the disfiguration inflicted upon his countenance by the notorious Mr. Z.

Recognizable by his menacing black mask, he exudes an aura of mystery and intrigue as he navigates the treacherous realm of espionage and covert operations.

Players can earn the returning Nikto in the Season 4 Battle Pass.


IO – Blackcell

Information about this Operator is currently unknown. IO will be available as part of the Blackcell Battle Pass upgrade.

IO Blackcell

Ana Vega – Bundle

Ana Vega, hailing from a lineage of paramedics and Army reservists with deep ancestral ties to Cuba, tragically never had the chance to forge a connection with her parents.

Her parents, who selflessly dedicated themselves to rescue operations, met their untimely demise during the early stages of the Urzikstan conflict.

She followed her parent’s footsteps to feel closer to them and now works on humanitarian cases lending medical care. She will be available as a bundle.

Ana Vega

Izanami, AKA Izzy – Bundle

Information for Izzy is not available at the moment. However, she will be available as a store bundle.


Butch – Bundle

Visual and background information on Butch is currently unknown. He will be available as a store bundle in-season.