To coincide with the Japanese theme of Season 2, a new event called ‘Path of the Ronin’ has been added to Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. Here are all of the challenges and how to complete them, as well as the rewards you can earn:

What is the Path of the Ronin Event in Season 2?

The Path of the Ronin event includes seven challenges based on the Seven Virtues of Bushido, which is the code of honor and morals from the Japanese samurai.

To access this event, go to the Events tab on the main menu.

Warzone 2 Path of the Ronin Event Challenges

This event was released on February 15 as part of the Season 2 update and is the first event Infinity Ward has added to the game.

The seven challenges included in this event are different for both MW2 Multiplayer and Warzone 2. However, the rewards you earn will be the same regardless of which game you complete the challenges in.

All MW2 Path of the Ronin Challenges

  • Integrity (GI) – Win 15 matches in any Multiplayer Game Mode.
  • Honor (Meiyo) – Get 100 Objective Defense Kills. Here’s how to earn Objective Defense Kills fast in MW2! The best modes for Objective Defense Kills are Hardpoint and Domination.
  • Sincerity (Makoto) – Get 50 Operator Kills using Battle Rage. Battle Rage is a Field Upgrade that gives you quicker health regeneration, constant Tactical Sprint, and resistance to Tactical Equipment. It’s best to engage in close-quarters combat while Battle Rage is active.
  • Compassion (Jin) – Get 100 Operator Assists
  • Courage (Yu) – Get 3 Operator Kills without dying 25 times
  • Loyalty (Chu Gi) – Get 50 Operator Revenge Kills. This is when you kill the player who killed you last (also called Payback kills in-game). Playing on smaller maps or modes with fewer players such as 4v4 Ranked, will increase your chances of encountering the player who just killed you.
  • Respect (Rei) – Get 25 Melee Operator Kills. Playing on close-quarter, smaller maps such as Shipment, and using the combat knife, will increase your chances of getting melee kills.

All Warzone 2 Path of the Ronin Challenges

  • Integrity (GI) – In Warzone, finish in the top 10 5 times in any mode.
  • Honor (Meiyo) – Restore Honor 5 times in Resurgence matches. To Restore Honor, simply collect your own dog tag that you dropped when you were eliminated. To do this, after you redeploy, you’ll want to land back at the location you died and pick up your dog tag.
  • Sincerity (Makoto) – Complete 5 Bounty Contracts. Bounties give your squad a target to eliminate within a specific time frame. Any Bounty elimination from your squadmates will count towards this challenge, so you may want to find a friend or two to play with.
  • Compassion (Jin) – Revive 20 teammates in Warzone matches
  • Courage (Yu) – Complete 3 Search and Seizure contracts
  • Loyalty (Chu Gi) – Complete 3 downloads during the Data Heist public event. Go to the three uplink stations when the Data Heist public event starts during the second circle collapse. Here, you will find a laptop, and you’ll need to download all files on the laptop and protect the area until the download is complete.
  • Respect (Rei) – Perform 3 executions on enemy players in Warzone matches. Here’s how to get executions fast in Warzone 2! To perform an execution in Warzone, hold down the melee button when directly behind your opponent. It’s better to play Resurgence for this challenge, as you’ll likely encounter more players.

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All MW2 & Warzone 2 Path of the Ronin Rewards

The rewards for completing the Path of the Ronin event challenges in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 are the same in both games:

  • Integrity – “Virtue” Roze Operator Skin
  • Honor – Emblem
  • Sincerity – Calling Card
  • Compassion – Weapon Sticker
  • Courage – Loading Screen
  • Loyalty – Charm
  • Respect – Submachine Gun
  • Complete all seven Path of the Ronin Challenges to earn the new Crossbow Weapon

If you’re struggling to complete these challenges, there is another way to unlock the Crossbow, although it comes at a cost.

MW2 & Warzone 2 Path of the Ronin Event Rewards

Path of the Ronin Event End Date

Players have until March 14 to complete the Path of the Ronin event challenges. According to the in-game timer, this event expires in:

In other news, Infinity Ward has revealed the release window of Warzone 2’s Ranked mode and Plunder. And that’s just one of many upcoming additions announced in the official Season 2 patch notes.

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