MW2 players have noticed that the UAV kill streak is inconsistent with how it operates within the game.

The UAV, typically a modest killstreak in Modern Warfare 2, is designed to reveal enemy locations with each sweep, granting players valuable intel.

However, an increasing number of gamers have reported instances where this seemingly humble killstreak has an unexpected surge of power, copying the capabilities of an Advanced UAV.

UAV Killstreak Is Bugged in MW2

The UAV kill streak in MW2 is not working as intended. Usually, it performs periodic map sweeps, revealing the enemy’s static positions. However, it is now working in one of three ways:

  1. The UAV functions as intended, revealing stationary dots during every sweep.
  2. The UAV operates as an Advanced UAV, with dots becoming fixed upon each sweep.
  3. It briefly exposes enemy movement during each sweep, providing a glimpse into where they are moving.

Currently, the reason for the unexpected behavior of this killstreak remains unknown. When utilizing a UAV, it appears there is a random chance of receiving one of three different options.

UAV sweep in MW2
UAV sweep showing red dots.

The UAV is the lowest killstreak in MW2, attainable by picking up four kills or reaching a score of 500 in-game. Consequently, it stands as an easy-to-earn killstreak reward.

However, if players happen to get the glitch where the UAV acts as an Advanced UAV, it can significantly disrupt the gameplay and break the game balance.

The developers intentionally designed the Advanced UAV as a difficult killstreak to earn. If players can effortlessly get an Advanced UAV by obtaining the regular version, it can significantly alter the result of matches.

This game-breaking bug is not on the developer’s radar, as it does not appear on their Trello board.

UAV in MW2

Call of Duty content creator TheXclusiveAce first pointed out the UAV killstreak bug. He was the one who discovered the UAV has three potential outcomes when it should only have one.

You can watch his video about this bug below:

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