MW2 brings back Spec Ops once more, and there are a number of cooperative missions that you won’t want to miss out on.

Special Ops was a mode that first appeared in the original Modern Warfare 2, though the idea came from the Mile High Club mission in the very first Modern Warfare.

Now, Spec Ops is a staple of Infinity Ward’s MW series, and it’s a lot of fun for those times when you just want to go up against waves of AI enemies. Modern Warfare 2 has 3 Spec Ops missions available at launch, and each one offers a fun and varied co-op experience.

And don’t miss out on where to find all intel fragments in MW2’s Spec Ops mode!

Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops Mission List

At the time of writing, MW2 has 5 Spec Ops missions that game owners can play via the cooperative section of the lobby. Each Spec Ops mission also offers a unique playstyle, from defending an area, to stealthily infiltrating a base.

These 5 missions are:

  • Denied Area
  • Defender: Mt. Zaya
  • Low Profile
  • Gun Game: Mt. Zaya
  • High Ground

We’ll update this article as more Specs Ops missions arrive in the near future.

Spec Ops Mission List MW2

Will More Spec Ops Missions Be Added to MW2?

Yes, MW2 will be getting more Spec Ops missions in the form of Raids, beginning with Season 1 Reloaded. These 3 player missions will be a direct continuation of the MW2 storyline.

It is also possible that further regular Spec Ops missions will appear as part of seasonal content.

How to Beat All Spec Ops Missions in MW2

Denied Area

MW2 Spec Ops Denied Area

Players must make their way across a large-scale map in a vehicle, destroying 3 SAM Turret sites and fighting enemy soldiers before making their escape.

Here’s how to beat Denied Area and earn 3 Stars!

Defender: Mt. Zaya

Spec Ops Defender Mt Zaya Mission

Players must protect multiple locations around an Observatory from increasingly difficult waves of enemies, without letting bombs be planted.

Here’s how to beat Defender: Mt. Zaya and earn 3 Stars!

Low Profile

Low Profile Spec Ops Mission MW2

Players must engage in stealth and infiltrate 3 locations, finding and grabbing Radioactive objects in each before rushing to Exfil.

Here’s how to beat Low Profile and earn 3 Stars!

Gun Game: Mt Zaya

Gun Game Mt Zaya Spec Ops

Just like in the Defender mission, this time players are tasked with defending all 3 locations from being destroyed by enemies planting bombs.

The only difference is, this time your equipped weapons will randomly rotate every 30 seconds!

High Ground

High Ground Spec Ops MW2

In High Ground, players get to choose between being part of a Ground Assault team or piloting an attack helicopter. Like in the campaign missions Close Air and Hardpoint, the helicopter gunner will clear the way for the player on the ground to progress.

With incredible firepower, the chopper gunner needs to keep AI off the ground player’s back. However, only the foot soldiers will be able to head inside buildings and take care of business.

It’s well worth your time to complete all of the available Spec Ops missions when they arrive. Not only are they fun, but they’re also one of the ways to level up and Prestige fast in MW2, thanks to Daily Challenges that reset every 24 hours.

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