Here’s how to beat the Low Profile mission in Modern Warfare 2’s Spec Ops mode, and successfully capture 3 radioactive objectives.

Best Kits and Equipment for Low Profile

It’s best to bring one Medic and one Assault class for Low Profile. That way one player will be able to revive quickly and from a distance, while the other can offer regular Armor Plate restocks.

Assault Kit in MW2 Spec Ops

While gathering weapons in the plane, bring silenced snipers as well as one closer-range assault rifle or SMG, based on your preference.

Don’t forget to use your Assault field upgrade regularly to get armor plates – these will recharge throughout the game.

Ready Up in the Plane Low Profile Spec Ops

Then, when ready, all players must select jump at the end of the plane.

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Best Place to Drop in Low Profile

It’s best to drop near location C, Comms Centre, in Low Profile. If you’re aiming for 3 stars, collecting your first objective here and running away is advised, or you’ll have to battle the Juggernaut.

Whether you’re going loud or quiet, this is the location furthest from Exfil, so it’s the best one to start with.

How to Beat the Juggernaut

The Juggernaut is incredibly lethal, so make use of explosive equipment and long-range snipes to take him down. You’ll need the combined force of two players firing from cover (if you’re playing co-op) to even consider taking him on.

Split up to distract his attention, and hit him hard with everything you’ve got.

Even then, he won’t go down without a fight. Engaging the Juggernaut will also lead to the alarm being triggered, so ideally dispatch all other enemies with silenced weaponry before taking him on.

C – Comms Centre Guide

Unlike the other two points you’ll be visiting, Comms Centre doesn’t contain a lot of guards. If you’re going hot, run inside and use your Geiger Counter (L1/LB) to track the radioactive object.

Spec Ops Geiger Counter
The higher the number on your Geiger Counter, the closer you are to the Radioactive objective

You’ll find it inside one of several potential missile heads. The exact location will be random each time you play, but the missile heads themselves will not move – it’s just a case of finding the correct one.

Once found, press X/Square to pick it up.

MW2 Spec Ops Low Profile Radioactive Object
The round object can be seen in this missile head, meaning it’s the one you’re searching for

Now it’s time to get out of there ASAP. If you’ve set off the alarm, don’t worry as these alerts don’t carry over between locations. Enemies won’t be aware of you at B if you trip the alarm on C.

If you’re aiming to stay in stealth however, you’ll want to try landing on the roof, or in an area that gives you easy access to the Comms Centre upstairs. Enter the building and there should be only a single guard upstairs, which you can safely headshot with a silenced weapon.

If the material isn’t upstairs, you’ll need to head down and take them out carefully before grabbing your objective and escaping.

B – Barracks Guide

Unsurprisingly, the Barracks is the most heavily-fortified location in Low Profile. The area is full of enemies, even inside the building.

Barracks Low Profile Spec Ops

If you’re aiming for 3 Stars, it’s best to storm the Barracks hard and fast, clearing the building loudly while rushing to find the radioactive object. There are no traps here, just a surplus of enemy soldiers.

Spec Ops How to Find Objective
The Radioactive Object will change locations every time you play Spec Ops, but the missile heads themselves don’t move

Once again use your Geiger Counter (L1/LB) to find the correct missile head, and press X/Square to pick up your objective when found.

But if you’re aiming for the Going Dark achievement and want to stay stealthy, use the ladder on the side of the building to head up to the roof. From there, quietly pick off the enemy underneath the building’s skylight.

How to Get the Going Dark Achievement in Low Profile

This will attract all nearby enemies one at a time, and you can take them out every time they appear. Once all enemies are dealt with, drop in and grab your material.

A – Armory Guide

The Armory is the most tricky location to handle as it’s booby-trapped to the heavens. Outside the building you’ll find Claymores on almost every corner.

Inside, there are both movement-sensing bombs and green tripwire explosives. You’ll need to carefully navigate the building without setting any of the tripwires off, something that’s only possible when wearing your night vision goggles.

Disarm Bomb in Armory - Spec Ops Low Profile
Carefully approach red flashing traps and hold X/Square to disarm them and remove all tripwires nearby

Try crawling under the lasers in order to reach the red, flashing traps. Then hold X/Square to disarm them when you’re close and all nearby lasers will also turn off.

Take care with the red trap on the stairs though, as it will trigger if you head up to the second floor. Instead, you could move to the nearby watchtower and parachute off the top, landing on the roof.

This is also a good trick to snipe all 3 guards that are standing watch on the rooftop. Due to some strange AI though, we’ve found that landing on the roof can result enemies rushing your position, so headshot each one as they come out the door to the roof to prevent the alarm from being triggered.

Roughly 5 guards should come up to the roof so wait until you’ve taken out each one silently, then move into the building yourself. Only one other guard will be waiting in one of the Armory rooms nearest the staircase so be ready to shoot him as soon as you open the door.

How to Get onto the Armory Roof in Low Profile
The Armory roof is accessible by climbing a nearby tower. It’s also a great sniping location

Hold LB/L1 to detect the radioactive objects inside the missile heads with your Geiger Counter and grab the final objective, then leave via the roof.

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How to Exfil

Now it’s time to Exfil, and if you did this is the order above then you’ll be at the Armory, close to the designated location. Run towards the marked Exfil site.

If you went loud in the mission, enemies will be charging to your location, so take cover along the way. What’s more, when you get to the Exfil site, enemies will begin swarming around you.

Exfil in Low Profile Spec Ops

Survive until an Attack Helicopter will arrive to defend you from enemies if you’ve alerted them. This final defensive section does take extra time so be warned that it’ll take longer to extract if you failed stealth.

Finally, get in the Exfil chopper when it lands to complete the mission.

How to Get 3 Stars in Low Profile

To get 3 stars on the Low Profile Spec Ops mission, you need to collect all 3 radioactive objects and extract in under 15 minutes.

You’ll need to drop into Comms Centre immediately, then run to Barracks, and finally stealth your way through A, since that final point is closest to the Exfil point.

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How to Beat IW Best Time on Low Profile

The only way to beat the IW Best Time of 4:43 is to play co-op and split up. Have one player drop at Comms Centre, one player drop at Barracks, and rush to grab each objective.

Then, push to the Armory and have one player defend the building while the other avoids tripwires and grabs the final radioactive object.

How to Unlock Going Dark Achievement in Low Profile

To unlock the Going Dark achievement in Low Profile, you’ll need to take all 3 objectives without setting off any of the alarms. However, a neat trick is that you’ll get checkpoints after grabbing each Radioactive object.

If you do end up triggering the alarm, simply die and respawn at your last checkpoint to continue your stealth run.

Here are some tips to help you stay in stealth:

  • When you get spotted, take out the enemy fast before they have time to raise the alarm. If they do set off the sirens, simply die and reload at the last checkpoint, rather than restarting the mission.
  • Instead of using the bridge between points B and A, take a swim to stay hidden.
  • Make sure the patrol surrounding the Comms Centre isn’t going to see you as you make your way to the roof.
  • You don’t need to exfil to unlock this achievement, just grab all three objectives. Feel free to go loud on your way out.
  • Playing with a friend you can communicate with will ensure you can deal with multiple enemies at once, without breaking stealth.
  • And, as stated above, be aware that you’ll get a checkpoint every time you take a Radioactive object. Make sure you’re in stealth and you’ll give yourself an easy do-over.

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