The latest MW2 multiplayer map, Shipment, is getting a festive overhaul for the Christmas season – here’s everything you need to know.

With Christmas right around the corner, games are getting into the festive spirit. MW2 is one such game, as it’s transforming its latest multiplayer map, Shipment, into a holiday treat.

What Is the Holiday Version of Shipment in MW2?

The holiday version of Shipment is a Christmas-themed overhaul that sees the cargo-filled map populated with Christmas decorations.

It is a purely cosmetic change for the Christmas holidays. Nothing fundamental about the Shipment map will change in this overhaul.

Of course, outside of this festive-themed map, there’s so much other content coming to MW2. So, why not check out everything new in MW2 Season 1?

a soldier wearing a santa hat running through the map Shipment in MW2

When Is the Holiday Version of Shipment Coming to MW2?

The holiday version of Shipment is coming to MW2 Season 1 Reloaded on December 21st, 2022. This is only a handful of days after the new version of Shipment launches.

It will last for a few weeks before returning to the normal version of Shipment on January 4th, 2023. After that, it won’t be playable again unless reintroduced next Christmas.

Modern Warfare 2 Shipment Release Date

The iconic Call of Duty map, Shipment, launches in Modern Warfare 2 on Wednesday, December 14, 2022. It is a part of MW2’s first mid-season update.

It also launches alongside the very first raid in Call of Duty history, which will offer fans even more content to enjoy.

the Shipment map from MW2

Until its launch, however, you can check out the Battle Pass that has been added as a part of Season 1 and all of its rewards.

How Is MW2’s Shipment Different?

There are a number of unique changes coming to MW2’s version of Shipment compared to the previous versions.

The changes include:

  • The map is now on a cargo ship in the middle of a storm.
  • You can’t jump on top of the shipping containers (unlike in Modern Warfare (2019) and Vanguard).
  • The containers are stacked much higher.

However, it will still feel and play like the classic Shipment maps in previous COD games and offer fans a chaotic arena to fight in.


Of course, the Shipment map has evolved significantly over the past few years. So, you should definitely check out all of the ways Shipment has changed in Call of Duty.

What is Shipment in MW2?

Shipment is the smallest Call of Duty map ever and has featured in CoD 4, CoD Online, Modern Warfare, and CoD Mobile. Call of Duty WW2 also featured a version called Shipment 1944.

It appears that MW2 will retool the Shipment map, this time placing it on a boat, perhaps to more accurately reflect the campaign mission Dark Water.

Players can expect incredibly enclosed spaces and firefights within the shipping containers themselves. You’ll likely die a lot in this mode, so to get the upper hand, use one of the best loadouts in MW2.

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