To complete the Atomgrad Raid, you’ll need to get your hand on a Raid Code. Here is everything you and your squad need to do to grab the Raid Code and complete the mission.

The first thing you’ll need is a squad to play with. There is no matchmaking, and you can’t complete it alone.

Every code in the MW2 Atomgrad Raid is randomly generated so you won’t find it anywhere online. Thankfully, we have the best method to quickly find it in-game by doing the following steps:

Before you head out, it’s important to grab a Raid Assignment first, or you won’t be able to access the MW2 Season 1 Atomgrad Raid.

Once you have your Raid Assignment and a full squad, follow these steps to obtain all the necessary Raid Codes in Modern Warfare 2:

  • When you enter the code room, you’ll see four objects of interest inside.
    • The first is the Code Request Box on the room’s left side. This displays the current code you’ll need to decipher.
    • The second is the group of four TVs in the middle of the room that players can use to view different cameras from the surrounding area.
    • The third is the computer you use to enter your Raid Codes on the right side of the room.
    • The last and fourth object of interest is a red button to open a door leading to a room with a second set of TVs.
      • Another player must press and hold the red button to open the door and allow a player through it.
MW2 Raid Code Room
1. Code Request Box 2. Camera TVs 3. Code Input Box
  • Here you need to assign each player a different role.
    • One player is in charge of observing the cameras in the first group of TVs.
    • The second player observes the cameras in the second group of TVs past the red button door.
    • While the third player will be in charge of deciphering and entering the code.
  • Once every player has a role, you’ll need both players in charge of the cameras to access the feeds.
  • While accessing each feed, click through the different channels until a code pops up on your screen.
    • The code shows up as a whiteboard with six Russian letters and numbers split into two rows.
    • The top row has Russian letters. The bottom row has numbers.
  • You can initiate the next step when both players have a complete view of their codes.
  • The player deciphering the code needs to look at the Code Request Box and see what the code displayed on it is.
    • Each symbol/letter on this code is directly attached to one of the codes that the camera players have in view.
  • Once they have that code, they’ll need to describe the letters to the camera players.
  • The camera players must match the code described to one of the letters/symbols on their screen.
  • When the camera players find a match, they’ll need to read back the number under that code. Use this method to get the full three-number code.
  • Once the code player has all three numbers, they’ll need to input that code into the computer.
  • This is how you finish the first part of the code. Once that code has been input, a new cipher will pop up in the Code Request Box.
MW2 Raid Code
The codes will appear here as you input them correctly.
  • You’ll need to enter three codes to obtain the full Raid Code in Modern Warfare 2.
  • The next two codes will have dummy symbols as well. The Code Request Box will show them, but they won’t be found in the camera codes.
  • All you need is three numbers to have a full code to enter.

Once you’ve done this three times, you’ll need to head back into the water, and two massive metal doors will begin to open.

How to Easily Navigate the Underwater Tunnels in Atomgrad Raid

To easily navigate the underwater tunnels in the Atomgrad Raid, you’ll need to pick up the Oxygen Tank and pass it around between players while avoiding the scattered tripwire.

Players need to move about this underwater maze with care since if the player with the Oxygen Tank is killed by the tripwire, then the other two players will likely die from lack of oxygen.

  • Once the huge metal doors open after inputting the correct code, you’ll need to grab an Oxygen Tank on the left side of the tunnel.
Air Tank
  • With the Oxygen Tank in hand, head underwater and through the tunnels.
  • While underwater, ensure that every team member is passing around the Oxygen Tank and using it to keep everyone alive.
  • Eventually, you’ll reach an area with a huge hole in the ground. This is where you need to head next.
    • This area can be tricky since there is a tripwire near the hole’s entrance. Make sure the first player to go through does not have the Oxygen Tank with them.
    • If they accidentally trip the explosion and die, then the Oxygen Tank would respawn at the beginning.
    • This means the other two players would die from a lack of oxygen.
  • Head through the tunnel and reach a safe area that saves your progress. If you die at any point further in, you’ll respawn in this area.
  • Jump back into the water and follow the arrows. They’ll lead you to a lit-up area where you can surface and find a generator.
  • In this area, there are a few things to note.
    • The generator powers the room.
    • Underwater, players can find a button that lifts up the door to head into the next area.
MW2 Underwater Room
The door that is opened by the button in the room to the left.
  • Here is where players need to work together to access the next stage.
    • Designate each player to a different role.
    • Player #1 will head into the water with the Oxygen Tank and wait for the door to open.
    • Player #2 will head into the water and interact with the button on the left side room.
    • Player #3 will activate the generator to turn on the power.
  • Have Player #3 activate the generator, and Player #2 interact with the button to open the door.
  • While the door is open, have Player #1 and Player #3 head through the door.
    • Remember to alternate the Oxygen Tank between the two players.
  • When both players are through, have one of the players locate the button on the left side. Once you’ve found the button, have Player #2 interact with the generator again.
  • Once the generator is active, have Player #1 or #3 interact with the button. The door should open again, allowing Player #2 to head through it now.
  • Once you load up on equipment, you’ll need to fight off enemies through a series of tunnels.
    • There are also two juggernauts in this area that you’ll need to defeat. So make sure you’re prepared for a tough fight.
  • Clear the tunnels and fight off the first juggernaut. Eventually, you’ll come across another red button that opens up a locked door at the end of the tunnels.
  • Activate this button when you’re ready and fight off the second juggernaut. You can grab even more equipment and a riot shield in this room.
  • Once you’ve grabbed everything, head into the room with a hole leading underground. This will take you through a series of vents.
Underground Area
  • At the end of the vents, you’ll come across a room that’s slightly filled with water. Push through this area until you come across an ammo resupply box.

This is the final area of the raid and where you’ll need to enter the second raid code in the Atomgrad Raid.

How to Find Second Raid Code in MW2 Atomgrad Raid

Players must decipher the second raid code and input it while fighting off enemy soldiers in three locations.

This is the last part of the Atomgrad Raid and requires every player to hold their own while communicating with each other to input all three ciphers.

  • As soon as you resupply from the ammo box, follow the path to the right. Eventually, you’ll run into another juggernaut that you need to defeat.
  • Eventually, you’ll see a path that you can take to a red room. Clear out the room with your teammates.
Atomgarde Raid Final Room
Follow the arrows to find the blue room.
  • Now, as a squad, rotate through the rooms until you reach a blue room. This room will have another juggernaut, so be prepared to fight.
    • If you pick up the riot shield, one player can distract them while the others take down its health.
  • Once you’ve cleared out all the enemies, you need to take note of a few objects of interest.
    • In the center of the room are a Code Request Box and a Code Input device similar to the first room.
    • The blue and red rooms will have a cipher similar to the cameras in the first area where you input codes.
  • You’ll need to follow a similar system to what you did in the first room.
    • Player #1 needs to be near the Code Request Box and Code Input device.
    • Player #2 needs to be in the Blue Room.
    • Player #3 needs to be in the Red Room.
    • Have Player #2 and #3 head to each room. In there is a console they both need to activate. When both are activated, it will show a sequence on the wall. This is what you need for the code.
Raid Code MW2
  • Now, you need to have Player #1 read out the cipher and have Players #2 & #3 read out the corresponding number when possible.
    • There will be a timer, so you’ll have limited time to do this.
    • Players need to do this while fighting off enemies in their respective areas.
Raid Cipher
The door to the left is the final door you need to open to complete the raid.
  • Once all three codes have been deciphered, the doors will slowly open. While this is happening, players need to defend the Code Request Box.