MW2 players are upset by the lack of new Multiplayer maps added to the game post-launch.

So far, four maps have come after launch; however, three of them are remakes, and one should have been in the game from the start.

  • Shipment (Remake)
  • Shoot House (Remake)
  • Dome (Remake)
  • Valderas Museum (Supposed to be a launch map)

Even with the new weapons coming to the game, the lack of new map content has left players feeling frustrated.

Museum Map Returning to MW2

Reddit user “MuscledRMH” had asked Infinity Ward not to market the museum map as “new” as it was already in the game.

Unfortunately, the Call of Duty developer has done exactly that.

Valderas Museum was originally part of the MW2 Beta and was in line to be one of the 11 Multiplayer maps on release.

However, the map was missing when the game was initially launched due to reasons that were never revealed.

It was thought to be because of a copyright dispute between Activision and the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, the real-life location on which this map is based.

Valderas Museum was one of the biggest 6v6 maps, but its indoor areas featured small rooms and narrow corridors for close-quarters combat.

The outside of the museum was extremely bright and had a large open space in the middle of the map.

You can view more of this map here:

MW2 Players Want New Maps

Modern Warfare 2 players are also unhappy with the number of remake maps in the game. This discussion on Reddit has let players make their feelings known.

One user says that Infinity Ward has killed all the hype around MW2.

Another player says that while they are not shocked by more remakes, they are disappointed.

A different player believes the MW2 developers are unable to create new maps that gamers will enjoy.

There are even suggestions that Infinity Ward knows that players will be unhappy with this content.

It appears that COD fans do not want any more remakes. Unfortunately for Activision, this might be bad news as MW2 Year 2 is poised to release a map pack dedicated to old-school maps.

Between now and then, the company needs to create new and fresh content that its player base wants. Otherwise, they may get fewer sales on the Year 2 DLC than expected.

Luckily for fans, there have been signs that they are willing to listen. The new roadmap for MW2 & Warzone 2 Season 2 features a ton of changes the community asked for.

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