The heavily reduced muzzle smoke is one of the most noticeable changes from Weekend 2 of the MW2 Open Beta.

Modern Warfare 2 entered its first open beta this past weekend, and the community was pretty divisive in its reception.

Some players liked the new direction, but others weren’t too fond of it. But one thing that many players agreed on was that the muzzle smoke was a lot more intense than it needed to be.

Thankfully, it seems that Infinity Ward listened to players, and Weekend 2 players will enjoy a much less intense version of the muzzle smoke.

MW2 Beta Muzzle Smoke Change Comparison

Infinity Ward has significantly reduced the muzzle smoke to improve the player’s overall visibility in the Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta Week 2.

One of the biggest reasons why the players disliked muzzle smoke was because it affected their visibility. When shooting a weapon, you need to be able to see the enemy to properly manage the recoil.

The muzzle smoke in MW2 was making it harder for players to see their enemies once they started shooting. All they would see would be the flash and smoke from the muzzle.

Thankfully, Infinity Ward addressed this issue for Weekend 2:

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This is a solid improvement to the Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta and one that will most likely carry over to the full release.

Another interesting point made was that although muzzle smoke has been improved, bullets hitting objects can also create large amounts of smoke.

This may be another issue Infinity Ward will have to address:

One issue that will not be changing is the MW2 map changes that Infinity Ward has implemented. In a statement, IW mentioned that they had no plans to reintroduce red dots to the mini-map in MW2.

Many players already have a list of changes they want to see in MW2 following the open beta.