Call of Duty: MW2 is making big changes to how it’s handling 3rd Person playlists on release day. Here’s what you need to know:

During the recent Modern Warfare 2 Beta, players were thrilled to see the return of 3rd Person gameplay. The iconic game mode was only previously available in the original MW2 back in 2009, and although appeared in Modern Warfare 3 Private Matches, it hasn’t been seen since.

Now, 3rd Person gamemodes are back, giving players an over-the-shoulder perspective and a new way to play. But as fun as the mode was in the Beta, there were a few issues to iron out for Infinity Ward.

MW2 3RD Person Moshpit

Thankfully, it seems the developer has been listening to fan feedback, and making major changes to how the mode will play.

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MW2 3rd Person Mode Removes First Person ADS

According to a new official post by Activision, MW2 is removing the First Person viewpoint from its Third Person mode, at least for the most part.

In the Beta, players would still re-enter regular First Person ADS when zooming in with their weapons. However, at launch, Modern Warfare 2’s 3rd Person mode will simply zoom the screen in slightly when a player aims, rather than pulling them out of their over-the-shoulder view.

That said, scopes over 4x will still activate First Person ADS, allowing for some long-range combat in the mode.

“No scope, no problem. Updated since the Beta, only scopes over 4x will activate First Person ADS,” a new Instagram post from Call of Duty reads.

Third Person ADS Modern Warfare 2

This new change brings the mode more in line with the original MW2’s take on Third Person gameplay, and it appears to be a popular decision with fans so far.

Before you jump into 3rd Person though, don’t forget that you can earn exclusive Campaign rewards in MW2 this week!

And a new leak reveals that a classic COD map pack and Campaign DLC could be on the way to Modern Warfare 2 next year.

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