Modern Warfare 2’s brand-new 20 v 20 mode, Invasion, is available to try out now – here is everything we know about it.

While the fast-paced close-quarters firefights of MW2’s base multiplayer mode are a lot of fun, there are a lot of players craving a more action-packed experience set within sprawling maps.

Fortunately, MW2 caters to that with its enormous 20 v 20 Invasion mode. There’s a lot to unpack with this brand-new spin on the Ground War formula, so let’s get to it.

Of course, there are plenty of modes to try out, so it’s worth checking out every mode available in MW2 at launch after you’ve given Invasion a go.

What Is the Invasion Mode in MW2?

Invasion in CoD Modern Warfare 2 is a large-scale 20 v 20 mode that combines human operators with AI-controlled combatants.

Each team competes across enormous maps to reach 2,000 points. They’ll have full access to everything, including armored vehicles, tanks, and a wide range of devastating Killstreaks.

It is very similar to the Ground War mode from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, albeit with some significant tweaks. If you’re not familiar with that, then imagine one giant game of Team Death Match.

a pov shot of the player in Taraq in MW2 Invasion mode

How Does Invasion Work?

In the MW2 mode Invasion, each side is split into several teams of four, and are then tasked with earning 2,000 points by killing their opponents.

Players will get 1 point for killing an AI-controlled combatant and 5 points for killing another real-life player. The first team to 2,000 points win.

As you push forward across the map, the game will determine a front line for your team. This is based on the average player position throughout the battlefield and will decide your team’s respawn location.

a pov shot of the player fighting in Taraq in MW2 Invasion mode

How to Earn Points in Invasion

Players can earn points by completing various objectives, such as taking down human operators or AI combatants.

This is the point distribution for the individual Invasion objectives:

  • One Point: Take down an AI-controlled Combatant
  • Two Points: Shoot down an enemy UAV or Counter-UAV
  • Three Points: Shoot down a VTOL Jet, Support Helo or Chopper Gunner
  • Five Points: Take out a human operator, shoot down an enemy Gunship or destroy a human-controlled vehicle
a soldier from MW2 aiming their gun at a soldier lying on the ground while fire rages nearby

You’ll stand the best chance of gaining points for your team by prepping yourself with the best tips and tricks to win more matches in MW2.

Additionally, if you check out how to level up your guns fast in MW2 first, you can head into battle with a powerful custom loadout.

Which Maps Are Available in Invasion?

There are five maps that players can play in the MW2 Invasion mode. Most of them are extended versions of familiar multiplayer maps such as Santa Seña and Mercado Las Almas.

Here are all the available Invasion maps in MW2:

  • Santa Seña
  • Taraq
  • Sariff Bay
  • Sa’id
  • Guijarro

Of course, there are plenty of other maps for players to explore outside of the Invasion mode. You should definitely check out every multiplayer map in MW2 to see where else you’ll be fighting.

How Does the AI Work in MW2 Invasion Mode?

In Invasion mode, each side has an additional 20 AI combatants fighting for them. They will parachute into the match and fight against the opposing team.

Human players will be marked by their traditional triangle shapes on the mini-map. However, AI-controlled companions will be marked by a circle instead.

Soap from MW2 running with a sniper rifle near Sarrif Bay while a jeep and other soldiers gather behind him

According to the Call of Duty blog, the AI exists to “add atmosphere and provide the sense of a living, breathing world.” At the very least, they bolster the map and your team significantly.

Tips & Strategies For Winning Invasion Mode in MW2

If you want to get ahead in Invasion mode, then you should use these tips:

  • AI combatants are everywhere. Try not to get too distracted by them, as they offer fewer points per kill.
  • Keep your eye on the sky, as taking down UAVs and Gunships can net you more points than a regular kill.
  • Use vehicles with teammates when you can, as they act as decent cover and a great way to get plenty of kills.
  • Stick with your squad, as attempting to go alone will only see you killed by the overwhelming AI.
  • Try to capture the care packages that drop intermittently, as they’ll give you a killstreak reward.
  • Be aware of your surroundings; the maps are huge and multi-layered, meaning enemies can be hidden on rooftops or in windows.
hands holding an M4 rifle in MW2 in the map Sarrif Bay while soldiers run ahead
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