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MW2 Gunfight Mode Explained – All Maps & Release Date

Team up with your duo as Gunfight returns in Season 3

Gunfight, the popular 2v2 game mode, is once again making its return to the Call of Duty franchise with MW2 Season 3.

Gunfight is a 2v2 TDM-style multiplayer mode in Modern Warfare 2 where the objective is to kill the enemy team using the random loadout provided.

It is essentially duos playing against each other with a randomized loadout that must bring the enemy’s health down to zero or capture the Overtime Flag to ensure victory. The first team to win 6 rounds wins the entire game.

The Overtime Flag only appears if both duos fail to kill the enemy team within 40 seconds. Once the Overtime Flag is up, players have 10 seconds to capture it.

If no team captures it, the duo with the most overall health will win the round.

This game mode emphasizes personal skills and strong cooperation. Due to the small number of players, every decision carries weight and can affect each battle’s outcome.

Gunfight is part of the MW2 Warzone 2 Season 3 Roadmap that also includes plenty of new modes, maps, and weapons.

Gunfight MW2 Release Date

Modern Warfare 2 Gunfight and all available maps will release with the Season 3 update on April 12 at 10 AM PT.

A variant of Gunfight, Gunfight: OSP, will also release at some point during Season 3 as a regular playlist rotation.

Gunfight isn’t the only mode coming with Season 3, players will also have a chance to play Cranked, Face Off, and GW Infected.

What is Gunfight: OSP?

Gunfight: OSP (On-Site Procurement) is a variant of Gunfight that has players start the match with only their fists and forces them to pick up weapons and equipment scattered around the map.

This is meant to add an extra layer of tactics to the mode because players must decide when to engage the enemy.

All Modern Warfare 2 Gunfight Maps


A small marketplace in the Al Mazrah region that was cleared out for strike teams to go in. This may seem familiar to players spending plenty of time in Warzone 2.

Alley Gunfight Map MW2


Blacksite functions as a training ground for Operators looking to return to the Warzone, and is a rectangular, asymmetrical map with several buildings and long external routes. It is also the same map used for the new Gulag in Al Mazrah in Warzone 2 Season 3.

This is not the same as a Black Site (a super stronghold) from Battle Royale.

Blacksite Gunfight Map MW2


Shipment is one of the most iconic Call of Duty maps since its introduction in 2007. Now, players can test their skills with their duo and overcome this challenge at sea.

Shipment Gunfight Map MW2


Exhibit Map
Infinity Ward has yet to reveal much about this map. We will update this section as soon as more information is released.

Past Gunfight Variants

The first Gunfight was introduced with Modern Warfare (2019) and had an overwhelmingly positive reception. Due to its popularity, various variants were released for the mode.

  • Gunfight: OSP
    • Players start with their fists and must pick up weapons.
  • Snowfight
    • A variant of Gunfight: OSP, but all the pickups are snowballs.
  • Gunfight 1v1
    • Gunfight but with only two players in total.
  • Gunfight 3v3
    • Another variant of Gunfight increases the total player count to 6.
  • Gunfight 3v3 Sniper Only
    • A variant that features two teams of 3 players that can only use Snipers and Marksman Rifles.
  • Gunfright
    • Standard Gunfight rules, but players that are eliminated drop a skull dog tag that refills your health.
  • Gunfight 3v3 Melee Only
    • Gunfight with 6 players where they can only use melee weapons and a Throwing Knife.

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