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Modern Warfare 2 Ground War Mode Explained & How to Win

Ground War is a 32 v 32 MW2 mode where players can engage in one of the most chaotic forms of gunfights that Call of Duty can offer – here is everything we know about it.

Despite the focus of Modern Warfare 2 being its traditional 6 v 6 modes, Call of Duty has always included bigger battlegrounds for players that prefer a little more mayhem.

It can be a bit overwhelming to new players with so much going on, but here we’ll break down everything you need to know about the Ground War game mode in MW2.

What is Ground War in MW2?

Ground War in Modern Warfare 2 is a large-scale battlefield version of Domination with 5 objectives to control and teams of up to 32 players. The first team to reach 250 points wins. You must have crossplay enabled to play Ground War.

Unlike Invasion, there are no AI bots in Ground War. This means you will only encounter real players.

The maps featured in Ground War are much larger than in the regular 6 v 6 modes, and players might find it more similar to Battlefield than the traditional Call of Duty modes.

This mode also features vehicles that players can use to create chaos and get around more quickly. Most of these vehicles will spawn near the base of each team.

Ground War Drop

How to Earn Points in Ground War

You earn points by getting control of an objective and holding it for as long as possible. The more objectives you control, the more points your team will earn.

Each objective you control will gain 1 point every 5 seconds for you team. Here is how the points are distributed depending on how many objectives you control:

  • One Objective – 1 Point Every 10 Seconds
  • Two Objectives – 2 Points Every 10 Seconds
  • Three Objectives – 3 Points Every 10 Seconds
  • Four Objectives – 4 Points Every 10 Seconds
  • Five Objectives – 10 points Every 10 Seconds

You can see how many objectives you currently hold at the top of your screen. The objectives will be represented in the following way:

  • Red if an enemy team olds the objective.
  • Blue if your team holds the objective.
  • Yellow if the objective isn’t held by any team.

Unlike the brand new Invasion mode in Modern Warfare 2, players will not earn points towards their team score by obtaining eliminations.

Ground War Flag

The best way to earn points is to quickly eliminate any attacking players by using the best meta Modern Warfare 2 loadouts currently available.

Which Maps Are Available in Ground War?

Ground War and Invasion maps in Modern Warfare 2 are called Battle Maps. The current maps in the Modern Warfare 2 Ground War rotation include:

  • Zarqwa Hydroelectric
  • Al Bagra Fortress
  • Santa Seña Border Crossing
  • Sarrif Bay
  • Sa’id
  • Taraq

Tips & Strategies for Winning Ground War in MW2

If you’re looking to gather the most objectives in Ground War and lead your team to victory, use the following tips:

  • Use vehicles as often as possible to gain ground on your enemies and push them back.
    • Ground War is one of the only multiplayer modes that vehicles can be used in. Use them to gain an advantage when possible.
  • Always keep an eye out for the glare of a sniper. This mode is perfect for players that enjoy perching at the top of buildings and picking out unsuspecting players.
    • If you can’t beat them, join them. Use the SP-R 208 meta loadout to snipe any enemy from any location in Ground War quickly. Even if you use it to take them down simply.
  • Use Assault Rifles and LMGs in this mode to gain ground and win an objective. Range matters. Especially when you see an enemy from far trying to lurk into a good vantage point.
  • When you are defending a point, use an SMG to take down enemies quickly.
    • Have a tactical insertion placed somewhere nearby in case you get eliminated. This will allow you to jump back in before they capture the point quickly.
  • Use Scavenger and Double Time to move about the map quickly and also restock your ammunition.

Ground War is just one of the many modes in Modern Warfare 2, you can check all other MW2 multiplayer modes here?

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