A Call of Duty Insider claims that the MW2 Grand Prix map will be part of the initial rotation of maps on launch.

One of the first Modern Warfare 2 maps announced was the Grand Prix map. Although, once the MW2 beta rolled around, there was no more mention of it from Call of Duty.

Many believed that MW2 had scrapped the Grand Prix map for licensing reasons. But now, a reliable insider claims that the map is still coming to MW2.

Modern Warfare 2 Grand Prix

MW2 Insider Claims Grand Prix Map to be Available at Launch

TheGhostofHope, a reliable Call of Duty Insider, revealed that the MW2 Grand Prix map is back in rotation and will be playable at launch.

The Grand Prix map highlights Marina Bay in Singapore which hosts a real-world Formula 1 Grand Prix every year.

At first, it was one of the most hyped maps coming to Modern Warfare 2. Players could run around the tracks while cars drove about and even explore the garage and pits.

But soon after, Activision removed any map mentioned from the social media and website. This led many players to believe that the map had been permanently scrapped.

Official sources never commented on the situation, but heavy speculation was that it had to do with licensing issues.

Thankfully, it seems that Activision was able to solve any issues with Grand Prix. The map will be available at launch, so make sure to keep track of the MW2 Release Date countdown to find out when the multiplayer lobbies officially open.

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Although, people who have early access to the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign can earn rewards to get ahead of the initial curve in multiplayer.