Incredibly, a new MW2 glitch is letting players unlock any weapon camo they want for free, including the Orion mastery camo.

For some Call of Duty players, enjoying MW2 is all about that camo grind. Whenever a new title comes out, it seems like thousands of COD fans are suddenly racing to get the rarest and most prestigious camos right from day one.

Now, the grind is over, as you can equip any camo in the game with one simple trick. Here’s how it’s done:

How to Get Orion Camo for Free in MW2

To unlock Orion instantly, or get your hands on any other weapon camo in MW2, simply use the new Groups feature to join a camo-glitch group, then use this new trick to instantly clone one of the members’ showcased weapons.

  • First, boot up MW2
  • Press Menu/Options, or F1 to open the Launcher Menu
Get Any Weapon Camo Glitch MW2
  • Choose Social, then use R1/RB or simply click Groups to open the new Groups menu
  • Select Browse Groups and search for ‘Camo’
Weapon Camo Exploit Groups MW2
  • Choose one of the Camo-themed groups, such as FREECAMOSTONE, Camos, FREE CAMOS etc. It doesn’t matter which one you pick, but make sure it has plenty of members
  • After selecting the group you want, choose Join Group
  • Now, head back to the Groups tab and you’ll be able to click on your new Group from the menu
  • Tab over to the Group Details tab (R1/RB) and browse through the members on the bottom of the screen
Copy Weapon Camo Glitch MW2
  • Find a member that’s showcasing a camo and weapon you’d like to copy. It will only work for the gun they’re holding
  • Select the player, then move to the Showcase tab
  • Click on their weapon in the Showcase
Free Orion Camo MW2
  • Then, open the Profile Menu and choose Edit Emblem
  • Go back without editing then open the Profile Menu and choose Edit Showcase
  • Select Showcase Weapon
Instant Orion Camo Unlock Glitch
  • Choose Gunsmith
  • Finally, choose Save a Custom Mod and name your weapon loadout
  • You’ll then be able to select it when building a class, and the weapon camo will be cloned!
Fennec Orion Camo MW2

This allows you to get any weapon camo for free, so long as you find another user with it showcased on your gun of choice! It’s certainly a lot easier than completing every MW2 camo challenge to unlock Orion legitimately!

Reportedly it even works on weapons locked behind paywalls, such as the CDL or soccer player blueprints. As such, we expect Activision will be quick to patch this glitch – so take advantage while you still can.

UPDATE 17/12/22: Infinity Ward has now fixed the bug allowing fans to clone other players’ showcase weapons and camos! However, any previously cloned loadouts seem to stay in your inventory.

Thanks to Caspahz for showing us how this free Orion camo trick is performed, check out his video guide below:

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