Modern Warfare 2 brings back Ghost for another adventure, and this time Simon Riley reveals his face to Task Force 141.

Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley is one of the most iconic characters in Call of Duty history. First appearing in the original Modern Warfare 2, the beloved soldier initially met his end in the same 2009 franchise entry.

Now, Ghost is back in the rebooted MW2 and he’s more of a badass than ever before. And while we won’t spoil whether or not Ghost dies in this Modern Warfare 2 on this page, we’ve got another bombshell to report.

Ghost from Modern Warfare 2

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Does Ghost Reveal His Face in MW2 Campaign?

Yes, Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley finally reveals his face in MW2’s Campaign, although it isn’t shown to the player. In the opening cutscene to the penultimate mission, Ghost Team, Ghost removes his mask in front of Task Force 141 and Los Vaqueros.

After some stunned silence from the team, Captain Price looks at his old friend and says “good to see you again Simon,” implying that Ghost is a moniker reserved for the mask.

The next time we see Ghost from the front, he’s wearing a Ghost Team balaclava, complete with an all-too-familiar skull pattern.

What Does Ghost Look Like Under the Mask?

Since his back is to the camera when Ghost removes his mask, we can’t see exactly what he looks like. However, it looks as though Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley is Caucasian, with short, brown hair.

We also know that Ghost’s eyes are brown, but the rest of his appearance is still unknown. Perhaps we’ll get a better look at him next time he returns to the franchise – but we very much doubt it.

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