Knowing all the Field Upgrades in Modern Warfare 2 and how to use them properly will allow players to create some truly dynamic loadouts for every situation.

Field Upgrades in MW2 create new paths for players to take when facing enemy Operators and objectives.

Knowing exactly what they do and how to use them is important. Here is everything you need to know about Field Upgrades in MW2.

Recon Camera Field Upgrade

How to Unlock Every Field Upgrade in MW2 & Warzone 2

There are currently 15 Field Upgrades available to choose from in MW2. Of course, these won’t all be available at once and will be unlocked throughout your Multiplayer progression.

They are listed below in the order they’re unlocked.

Field UpgradeDescriptionRecharge SpeedPurposeUnlock Level
Tactical CameraA remote-controlled camera that allows the player to mark enemies. Players can manually monitor it or set it up to emit a warning sound when it detects nearby enemies. FastTacticalLvl. 12
Inflatable DecoyA proximity-activated decoy mine. When activated, it is rapidly deployed to distract any enemies in the area. Players can manually activate it by pressing R1+L1/RB+LB. FastTacticalLvl. 49
DDoSWhen activated, it deactivates enemy electronics and sensors in the immediate area for a short time. FastTacticalLvl. 38
Deployable CoverA rapidly deployable ballistic cover that players can use to obtain cover quickly. FastDefensiveLvl. 1
Trophy SystemAn autonomous defense system that can destroy up to three incoming projectiles and pieces of equipment. It can be placed on vehicles to stop rockets from destroying them. FastDefensiveLvl. 8
Dead SilenceIt makes your footsteps silent for a short while. Using your gun, melee or throwing knife will reset its duration.FastCombativeLvl. 51
Munitions BoxAllows players to deploy a box of ammo and equipment for themselves and their teammates. MediumTacticalLvl. 16
Loadout DropAllows players to call in a team-based Loadout crate that will enable you and your team to swap loadouts midlife. It can only be used by each teammate once. MediumTacticalLvl. 45
Portable Radar Deploys a radar that emits a periodic sensor that pings nearby enemies. MediumTacticalLvl. 5
Tactical InsertionIt allows you to mark a location as your next spawn point. It can be used to return to the heart of the battle quickly. MediumTacticalLvl. 43
Battle RageThis gives Operators an adrenaline rush that increases health regeneration, resistance to Tactical equipment, and Tactical Sprint refresh. MediumCombativeLvl. 24
Recon DroneDeploys a remote-controlled drone that has manual and auto-marking capabilities. SlowTacticalLvl. 1
Smoke AirdropAllows players to call in a line of drones that can deploy a wall of smoke in a specific location. SlowTacticalLvl. 30
Suppression MineA trip mine that emits a constant sound wave that disrupts enemy vision and slows their movements when triggered. SlowCombativeLvl. 1
Anti-Armor RoundsAllows players to use special weapon ammo that applies bonus damage against armored targets (vehicles, equipment, operators with body armor, targets hiding behind penetrable cover). SlowCombativeLvl. 20
Revive PistolIt allows the player to revive their teammates from a distance.4 ChargesTacticalWarzone 2 Drop

Field Upgrades are a great way to negate some of the more powerful Killstreaks/Scorestreaks that Modern Warfare 2 offers. Make sure you’re familiar with them to build a counter quickly.

The Revive Pistol is a unique Field Upgrade only found in Warzone 2 and DMZ. It can revive teammates and even enemies.

Best Field Upgrade in Warzone 2

The best Field Upgrade in Warzone 2 is Dead Silence because it allows you to mask your footsteps and flank enemies easily. This is helpful when moving around the map or pushing enemy players.

Since you only have one life in Warzone 2, it’s always great to give yourself as many chances to defeat others as possible.

Another great Field Upgrade is the Munitions Box since it allows you to refill your ammo in a pinch.

Field Upgrades can be found through Al Mazrah, but if you want your loadout, the best way to grab it is from a Stronghold.

What Are Field Upgrades?

Field Upgrades are in-game tools that players can use/deploy in Modern Warfare 2 to give themselves a tactical advantage in certain situations.

For example, the Deployable Cover is great for quickly building a wall between you and your enemies.

Once used, they’ll need to charge throughout the match until they can be used again.

Getting familiar with them is essential since they’ll be crucial to succeeding in all the new and returning modes in MW2.

How Many Field Upgrades Can You Equip in Modern Warfare 2?

Players can equip up to two Field Upgrades in Modern Warfare 2. Initially, players can only equip one Field Upgrade. At Rank 45, players will get the option to equip two Field Upgrades.

Although equipping two Field Upgrades at once will also slow the recharge rate for each of them. So equipping two of them does come at a cost.