Call of Duty promoted the Throwback Audio pack as a bundle containing the original audio of MW2 2009 weapons. However, the latest leaked videos prove this far from the case.

The upcoming audio bundle will feature the ISO Hemlock and the Lachmann Sub, with both weapons set to have gun sounds from the original Modern Warfare 2.

Of course, if you don’t know much about the MW2 Throwback Audio bundle, you can learn more about what this pack will contain.

Throwback Audio Pack MW2 Season 3 Reloaded

Leaked MW2 Footage Shows Fake ACR & MP5 Sounds

Leaker JoneoCOD recently posted a video showcasing the updated sounds for the ISO Hemlock and the Lachmann Sub in Call of Duty.

The MW2 developers marketed the bundle as “throwback audio.” The intention here was to have these weapons replicate the audio of the ACR and the MP5 from the 2009 version of Modern Warfare 2.

Despite this, many Call of Duty players believe the new audio does not accurately replicate the old sounds. As a result, the bundle’s failure to deliver what was advertised has left players confused and disappointed.

One player in the comments was “shocked” at how the guns sounded nothing like advertised.

Meanwhile another person is confused at what this audio is meant to be throwing back to.

Additionally, this Twitter user has echoed what a majority of people are saying under the comments of the original post.

Despite high anticipation among players, the audio pack has failed to meet expectations. Along with this issue, other recent reveals have also left many disappointed.

In particular, this leaked video showcasing the Throwback MW2 audio will likely discourage potential buyers further.

If you are one of those players who has decided against buying this pack, you could wait to purchase one of the many new Call of Duty crossover skins coming to the game:

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