The Muddy Waters MW2 DMZ mission is one of the most challenging faction missions in the game. This quest will task players to locate and extract three pieces of intel across Ashika Island.

Completing this mission will bring you closer to the Tier 3 challenges and reward you with a ton of XP and an X12 blueprint.

However, finding the three items you need is difficult for many DMZ players. Here is where to find them.

How to Complete Muddy Waters in MW2 DMZ

To complete this mission, you will need to extract three items from specific locations across Ashika Island:

Only one of each item will spawn each game, so you will have to be the first to retrieve it.

If you are playing solo, we suggest extracting one at a time rather than all three in one game. However, attempting them in one game can be much easier if you have an entire squad.

Shadow Company USB Stick Location

Location: Beach Club

Muddy Waters MW2 USB location
Circle: Beach Club
  • Head to the circular building located at the bottom of the map.
  • Dive under the water and swim around the foundation, looking for an open window.
  • Once you find the window, enter the building.
  • Search around the bottom of the area and loot any toolbox you find.
  • The USB can be found in one of the many toolboxes.
  • Be careful not to drown while attempting to retrieve this item. We suggest coming up for air before entering the building. You can also use the Rebreather Field Upgrade if you are lucky to find one.

Ashika Island Intel Location

Location: In the waterways under Tsuki Castle

Muddy Waters MW2 Ashika Island intel location
Rectangle: Water Ways Entrance / Circle: Ashika Island Intel location
  • For this location, you must enter the waterways marked by the rectangle in the image below.
  • Make your way through the tunnels, killing any AI soldiers who spawn.
  • Stop once you reach the centre of the waterways, which is directly under the castle as marked by the circle on the map.
  • You should see a submarine and a docking station.
  • Head to the shipping container to locate the Ashika Island intel.

Crown Intel Location

Location: Stronghold northwest of Tsuki Castle

Muddy Waters MW2 crown intel location
  • The last piece of intel can be found in a Stronghold slightly northwest of Tsuki Castle.
  • For this part, you will need to acquire a Stronghold keycard.
    • Keycards can be found by killing AI soldiers, looting them from loot caches or killing other operators who have one. Additionally, you can purchase one from an item shop for $5000, although not every shop has them in stock.
  • Once you have the keycard, enter the building and go to the second floor.
  • The Crown Intel can be found behind the desk.
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