If you’re not a fan of MW2 disbanding lobbies, a fix is on the way which should allow fans to play again with the same users.

One of the biggest issues that players have with recent Call of Duty titles is their tendency to disband lobbies after each game. It used to be the case that COD would let you choose to leave after a multiplayer match, or remain in the lobby to queue up again with the same players.

Back in the so-called ‘glory days’ of Call of Duty, this lead to a lot of friendships and rivalries being formed, as players could battle it out against their opponents again and again.

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But lately, COD games have opted to completely disband lobbies, making all players queue up again as individuals. And already, disbanding lobbies is one of the biggest issues with the Modern Warfare 2 Beta for many fans.

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Modern Warfare 2 to Fix Disbanding Lobbies In New Patch

Infinity Ward assures fans in a new tweet thread that it has heard their feedback, promising to tweak disbanding lobbies in a future MW2 patch.

The developer added it is already hard at work making changes to correct this situation.

“We’re working on a few tweaks to increase the chances of lobbies staying together, and improving the UI when it happens,” the developer confirms.

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By the sounds of things, we’ll soon be able to stay in a lobby with the same players after a game of Modern Warfare 2. However, it’s clear that Infinity Ward doesn’t believe that lobbies will stay together after every match.

In the same thread, the developer promised to begin taking action against Modern Warfare 2 Beta hackers. However, this statement left many surprised to hear that stopping cheaters is something Infinity Ward wasn’t already doing.

It’s good to see the developer listening closely to fan criticism already though. We also just got a heavy reduction to MW2 muzzle smoke after fans complained about poor visibility.

But one thing the developer seems to refuse to budge on is Modern Warfare 2’s minimaps. Here’s why the MW2 minimaps and red dots are causing controversy.

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