If you’re not a fan of leveling up your weapons and unlocking Operators, you’ll be happy to hear that your Call of Duty MW2 content will carry over to MW3.

The yearly Call of Duty cycle is almost over, with a new game on its way to replace MW2 in the coming months.

Now it seems that players may not lose all their progress for once when the new title arrives.

Will MW2 Content Carry Over to MW3?

Yes, content from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, such as weapons, Operators, and store bundles will carry over to 2023’s MW3, Activision has announced.

This is according to a new tease from the official Call of Duty Twitter account, which pitched an interesting poll to its followers:

“Should #MWII Operators, Weapons and Bundles carry forward into Call of Duty 2023?” the poll reads. However, given that there’s no option to say no, it seems clear that this is Activision teasing that very outcome.

Instead, users could select either ‘Yes’ or ‘Yes, when is reveal?’ as their preferred answer.

Those who just purchased the new The Boys skins via the COD Store will be happy to hear that their purchase may last longer than expected.

UPDATE: The Call of Duty account is now confirming that more details about MW2 content carrying forward to COD 2023 will drop alongside the Season 5 announcement, which should arrive at the start of August.

What’s more, Activision is now actively teasing MW3’s official reveal, which appears to be coming to DMZ very soon.

It makes sense that MW2 content will still be present in the recently-leaked Modern Warfare 3. After all, rumor has it that the upcoming title was originally going to act as a ‘Year 2’ DLC to the existing game.

Modern Warfare 2 Operators

According to reliable leakers, the plan later changed from a DLC release to a full premium Call of Duty title. And if this is the case, the company will no doubt be struggling to string together enough content to justify an entirely new release.

With MW2 weapons, operators, bundles and more potentially coming to MW3, the game will likely have a similar amount of content to the usual COD releases.

For those that didn’t play Modern Warfare 2, there’s certain to be a lot to enjoy in this year’s game.

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