MW2 is getting a Combat Record at long last, allowing players to check their stats in-game. Here’s when it’ll be dropping:

Since the launch of Modern Warfare 2, players have been complaining that there’s no way to check your kills, deaths, and overall stats in-game.

With many users anxious to see their Kill/Death ratio, it’s understandably frustrating thousands of players that MW2 doesn’t have the Combat Record available at launch.

Now, in a blog detailing the Season 01 roadmap for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone, Activision is finally revealing when the feature is coming to the game.

MW2 Season 1 Soldiers

When Is Combat Record Coming to MW2?

Activision confirms that MW2 will finally be getting its Combat Record in Season 1, allowing players to see their K/D ratio and other stats at last.

However, the Activision blog’s wording implies that Combat Record will NOT arrive on November 16, the start date of Season 1.

“The Tier 1 playlist will be available at the start of Season 01…” the Activision blog reads. It then continues on to say ‘Combat Records will also arrive in Modern Warfare II in Season 01. More intel to follow.”

Because of how this is phrased, it seems clear that Combat Record will not be present at the beginning of the season. Players should expect the feature to arrive in a later Season 1 update, or Season 1 Reloaded.

Season 1 will probably end in January 2023, so it leaves a fairly large release window. However, we expect this to release in the first half of Season 1.

Here’s a full breakdown of everything coming to MW2 Season 1!

What Is Combat Record?

The Combat Record is a long-standing feature that has been present in Call of Duty games ever since the original Black Ops. It allows players to view their multiplayer statistics, such as their kills, deaths, wins, losses, and even time played.

You can usually also compare your own Combat Record to that of a friend.

Combat Record in Call of Duty Vanguard
Combat Record in Call of Duty Vanguard

Why Isn’t Combat Record in MW2 Yet?

Combat Record wasn’t ready for launch in Modern Warfare 2, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be ready for Season 1’s launch either.

Either the feature wasn’t seen as a priority by Infinity Ward, or there was some issue getting Combat Record working in time. Thankfully, the statistics page will be available later in Season 1.

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