The recent MW2 Beta has set a new record as the largest Beta in Call of Duty history, according to a recent blog post on the COD site.

The Modern Warfare 2 Beta has finished, leaving fans asking for another MW2 Beta weekend. There was a few pieces of negative feedback, but overall a lot of enjoyment from the community.

Many players are excited about the upcoming launch of the latest Call of Duty game. The game is set to release in less than a month.

While we aren’t getting another weekend, it looks like we helped make Call of Duty history.

Modern Warfare 2 Beta is The Biggest Beta in Call of Duty History

Activision has shared details on the MW2 Beta, including the fact that it was the largest Beta since Call of Duty started doing Betas.

Ghost in front of the MW2 logo

The Modern Warfare 2 Beta had the most players, most matches played, and the most hours played. This is a combination of all platforms that the Beta was available on.

While exact figures weren’t given for the recent Beta, this is likely a good sign of a successful launch for Infinity Ward. Considering that Modern Warfare 2’s release date is right around the corner, Activision is likely happy with how the Beta has performed.

However, not everything went well during the MW2 Beta, as many players had some criticisms. That being said, Infinity Ward is addressing changes for MW2’s launch.

How Many Players Did The MW2 Beta Have?

Activision didn’t give specific numbers, but we can make a safe assumption it was in the millions.

Previously, the Black Ops Cold War Beta held the top spot, stealing it from Modern Warfare 2019. Activision reported in an Investor press release that MW19’s Beta had millions of gamers downloading it.

MW2 Beta Combat

Activision also shared some statistics for Warzone Mobile. The game is the fastest Activision, Blizzard, and King game to reach over 15 million pre-registrations on Google Play. It looks likely that players may unlock the secret 25 million pre-registrations reward for Warzone Mobile.

Hopefully, Warzone 2.0 will see equal success to MW2 and the Mobile version. However, the reactions to Warzone 2.0 gameplay were mixed.