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MW2 Beta PC Crashes – Error Code 0x00001338 Potential Fix

PC players have reported frequent crashes during the MW2 Beta, which is preventing them from playing any matches.

The Modern Warfare 2 Beta just launched on all platforms, and players are already experiencing issues that prevent them from launching the game.

Here is everything we know about the issues currently plaguing PC players in the MW2 Beta.

PC Players Experiencing Constant Crashes in Modern Warfare 2 Beta

PC players are experiencing issues with the MW2 Beta due to Error Code “0x00001338 (10509) N), which is causing their games to crash constantly.

This error may happen when you start the game, during a match, or even after an hour or two of playing.

MW2 is currently in its second weekend of Open Beta, but it’s first on PC and Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S. So far, it’s looking like both weekends are following similar patterns.

The first weekend of the Open Beta had PlayStation players struggling to play a few matches before the servers crashed.

Now, PC players are experiencing the same issues. Downloading the game will go fine, but once it’s time to log into a server, the game will completely crash.

Here is the error message you may encounter while playing the MW2 Beta:

Unfortunately, there is currently no official fix for the issues, and Call of Duty has yet to comment on them.

PC MW2 Beta Weekend 2 Crashing Potential Fixes

Some players are reporting fewer crashes once they update their drivers on PC. To update your drivers on PC, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • If you are using an NVIDIA Graphics Card:
    • The easiest way to update your drivers is by using the GeForce Experience program. If you already have it installed on your PC, follow these steps; else, you can download the app from the NVIDIA website:
      • Launch the GeForce Experience program on your PC
      • If you are not logged in to your account, the program will ask you to log in
      • Once this process is completed, click on the “Drivers” button in the upper left corner
      • Now click on “Check for Updates” on the right side of the screen
      • Finally, if there is a newer version of your drivers, the download button will show up = Click on “Download”
      • Once the download is finished, click on “Express Installation” for the regular update (recommended); if you need a customized installation for any reason, click on
      • “Custom Installation”
      • Be aware that your screen can flicker during the installation process
      • Let the installation finish, and now your drivers should be updated to the most recent version
  • If you are using an AMD Graphics Card:
    • The easiest route to update your drivers with AMD is installing the AMD Software Utility, which you can download from the AMD website, once installed follow these steps:
      • Launch the AMD Software
      • Once the program loads, on the “Home” tab, you will see a “Driver & Software” section on the right side Click on “Check for Updates”
      • If there is a new update, click “Download”
      • Once the download is complete, click on “Install” this will open another installer window
      • Go through the installer instructions by clicking “Install”
      • Be aware that your screen can flicker during the installation process
      • Click on “Restart” if the installer prompts this option once the drivers are installed

Follow these steps, and it could potentially solve the crashing issues for you on PC during the Modern Warfare 2 Beta!

UPDATE: A new fix has been discovered for MW2 crashes! Reportedly, players with a large number of friends have discovered that removing a few users will stop your game from crashing.

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