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MW2 Beta Connection Failed – What Is Detrick Guernsey Error?

If you’re wondering why your connection failed to the MW2 Open Beta servers, we’re going to explain what the Detrick Guernsey error is.

The excitement for Call of Duty’s upcoming installment, Modern Warfare 2, is keeping players hoping for the best COD yet. And thanks to the beta, we’ll finally be able to experience it.

Betas are limited-time opportunities for fans to get their hands on their most anticipated games, and the Modern Warfare 2 open beta is no different.

However, you may log in to see if you can play before being met with a connection failed error, with the code being “Detrick Guernsey”. Fortunately, we have the answer for you.

Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta – Detrick Guernsey Error Message

The “Connection Failed – Detrick Guernsey” error message appears because the MW2 Beta has ended, meaning the servers are no longer available.

Connection Failed – Login Servers are currently undergoing maintenance. [Reason: Detrick – Guernsey]

MW2 Beta

After getting through the agreements, and setting up your brightness, you’ll start the “logging into Demonware” process. This is the game attempting to log in to the servers. However, it leads to nowhere.

How to Solve MW2 Open Beta Detrick Guernsey Error Message

There is no way to fix this error, as the MW2 Beta has finished,

The beta has now concluded, meaning you’ll need to wait until Modern Warfare 2’s release date before you can play the game again.

Of course, if you can’t wait for Modern Warfare 2, you can find out how to get early access to the MW2 campaign.

Modern Warfare 2 Beta Screen with Error Code Detrick Guernsey

The anticipation for the latest Call of Duty is keeping us all on our toes, but we need to remain patient. You should also expect some server issues when the Beta relaunches as fans try and log in.

While we wait for weekend 2 to begin, Xbox and PC players can already pre-load the beta ahead of its release.

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