MW2 Beta cheaters should watch out, as Infinity Ward is finally taking action against malicious players in the latest Call of Duty title.

If you’ve been noticing cheaters already beginning to arise in the Modern Warfare 2 Beta, you’re not the only one. Although it’s not incredibly common, reports of hackers ruining games seem to be increasing steadily as the Beta continues.

And now that PC players have entered the game, you can bet that the number of malicious players is about to skyrocket. But hackers and cheaters beware, because Infinity Ward is finally on the case.

With fewer than 3 days remaining on the game’s testing period, the developer promises to take action very soon.

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Modern Warfare 2 Beta

Modern Warfare 2 Anti-Cheat Is Coming to the Beta

It seems that an anti-cheat is finally about to arrive in the MW2 Beta, according to a new statement by Infinity Ward on Twitter.

The developer claims to have heard the voice of the player base and will be taking action against cheaters very soon. Infinity Ward likely believes that the Beta becoming Open on PC will lead to an uptick of hacking users, so an anti-cheat will finally be necessary.

But for many players, this seems like an odd choice, seeing as it implies that the Beta has been without protection from cheaters for the 7 days that it’s been live.

At least the final 3 days of the MW2 Open Beta will be cheater-free, assuming that the anti-cheat is ready to go.

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Perhaps ‘live action’ means that Infinity Ward will simply be more on top of banning cheating players, rather than indicating that they were getting away with it beforehand. It seems unlikely that one of the biggest COD Betas of all time would have been without any protection for this long, after all.

In the same feedback thread, the developer also promised to tackle disbanding lobbies in MW2 soon!

The notorious feature is one of the biggest complaints with Modern Warfare 2 so far, but they might not be gone for good.

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