All or Nothing is a party game mode in MW2 where players start with a pistol with no ammo, Throwing Knives, and a Combat Knife.

Players can earn Perks by getting eliminations, with the first Perk earned being Scavenger, allowing them to pick up ammo for their pistol.

Each match will last until one player hits the 20-kill limit or the match timer runs out. The mode takes place in the Free-for-All format meaning that players will have to fend for themselves as they try to win the game.

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MW2 Soldier with a pistol

How to Play All or Nothing in MW2

  • Open up your Modern Warfare 2 game.
  • Press Skip to close the pop-up for the Message of the Day.
  • Check under the What’s Hot tab to see if All or Nothing appears there. If so, select it to start searching for a match.
  • If All or Nothing is not there, select MW2 from the Games tab and search the Featured category until you find Party Modes.
    • Party Modes include a moshpit of All or Nothing, Gun Game, Infected, and One in the Chamber, so you are not guaranteed to play it.
  • Select the mode and start searching for a game.
Party modes playlist for All or nothing

If you have followed all these steps but can not find the mode, Infinity Ward has likely removed it from the playlist rotation.

Unfortunately, this mode is only free-for-all, so you must set up a private match to play with friends.

How to Play All or Nothing in Modern Warfare 2 Private Match

To play All or Nothing in a private match in Modern Warfare 2, follow these steps:

  • Load up Modern Warfare 2 and close the Message of the Day.
  • Enter MW2 through the Games list on the first page.
  • In the Multiplayer tab, select Private Match.
  • Select Create Private Match.
  • Scroll to the Alternate Modes option.
  • All or Nothing will be available to select.
All or Nothing in Private match

How to Win in All or Nothing MW2 Game Mode

To win in All or Nothing in MW2, you must be the first player to reach 20 eliminations. These eliminations can be achieved with a pistol, combat knife, throwing knife, or melee kills.

Once 20 kills have been reached or the time limit runs out, the player to hit the limit or the player with the most kills will be declared the winner.

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